Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Gabba Inspired Hair Style 2011

Can we say over the top??

Remember way back when a few months ago when i had posted about getting some new things and a few things in preparation for a special style? Well the time has come and i must share the fun we had as well as Diva R's mega awesome style inspired by Yo Gabba Gabba! We went last year to Yo Gabba Gabba Live and went decked out and ready to have a blast! So i vowed from that point to do it BIG since this is a once in a lifetime type of thing to the kids and we had such an amazing time last time.

I had decided to go on a mad goose chase for the perfect color hair in tribute to each character and create something that would be completely obvious and beyond a doubt when finished what it was meant to be. I had discovered all 6 colors in the silky straight Kanekalon synthetic hair that i was searching for at Doctored Locks Online. I ordered one bag each of Hot Orange, Baby Blue, Red, Neon Green, Yellow, and Pink Ice. I knew this would be plenty as i planned on doing small sections of each.  This was after i eliminated tons of local shops and online shops that i found DL. I really had a different idea that came to mind first and then as i began i thought, wow i will not be able to create this exactly as i would like because of Diva R's hair being so fine and this hair not being REAL hair that i bought.  I already had planned on not getting the real hair because this was only a fun temporary style idea and i didn't want to even get into the prices of Remy hair for a style that will only last a short period.  I'm not for putting extensions in Diva R's hair often because there is no need and this stresses the hair if done consistently and tightly.

So i had planned on doing this style the very morning before so that it could be complete by the following day for the concert. I began with our distilled water and spritzed her hair moderately and then i parted her hair in three sections after i made sure her hair was thoroughly finger detangled.

I clearly planned on having three complete sections being a left, right, and middle.  So i clipped the two side sections off individually with a few clips and left the middle section hanging as this was the section i plan to begin with. I decided to put box braids going down the whole center incorporating the extension hair as i went. See below that i just twisted the middle section with my fingers to hold it in place to illustrate the three shaped sections.

This above side picture is the side of choice that i will be creatively constructing on.

I had planned on creating a style like Rory's from Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care's "Rockin Summer Hair".  That style was embedded in my brain and when September came along i thought AH HA! This is it! So with this being my foundation i of course had to incorporate some of our own flare :)

I began parting all of the little boxes down the center and i began with the baby blue extension hair and braided one row of three across the front followed by one row of pink ice across and one row of yellow and so on until i reached the very nape of her neck where i used blue to finish off the middle section.  My product of choice was the Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer because since these were extensions i wanted to do this on her dry hair. This turned out to be a great choice because the extensions proved to go in easily and with the aide of the Luscious there wasn't any frizzies or fly away's and the moisturizer held the hair and fake hair together well. This choice in color pattern worked out perfect because she decided to be Toodee and the blue in the front and back made her shirt pop!

This style took 7 hours total!

I decided to chop about 6 inches of hair of the ends right away because it was long and i sure didn't want that much hair hanging down her back and sides.  I really wanted to curl the ends with curlformers and hot water but time sure didn't allow for that because of Little Bro Z's heart appt taking longer than expected so i had to improvise. I just rubber banded the near ends and left them straight.

Notice the YO on the side? This was my genius thought and i hoped that it worked out I decided to use yellow and orange for the letter to make them pop more and coincide with the patterns already in place.

Show time!!!!

Here is a glimpse of Mommy and Daddy shirts! We were Foofah and sad Brobee <3
We didn't think to get better shirt pictures so these were the best we got... Below is Little Bro Z and his shirt! MUNO!

Here is Diva R proudly wearing her Toodee shirt and Dj Lance paper glasses!

The Diva seriously danced the whole entire time at the concert! She was standing on the seats and just breakin it down! We were the most decked out family there! It was so amazing and the best hour and a half ever spent!

The best part was that Diva R got to get up on stage with BIZ!!!! with the camera just snapping away and noticed only select few kids got to go up there. I was so shocked and this become a dream come true she was living it up dancing up there with all the kids while Biz did his turntables and played music. Then Dj Lance comes out and starts dancing with Diva R! and a few other characters and costumed fruits came out and it was just amazing. I got a few pictures but wish that i could have stood on top of people because the bum rushing that occurred made it super hard to get pics but i did get a few and i even got a few second video! I'm watching You Tube for the video and if no one posts one i will be contacting Yo myself :)

Here is the Diva and Dj Lance!!!! I don't know who was more thrilled her or us? Then Biz did Biz's beat of the day and went up to Diva R and asked her name and for her to repeat after him and to our surprise she did it and just as loud and proud as she could!!! I nearly fell out after that! This was the best experience EVER and not every child gets to do this.

As you can tell we had an absolute blast and the Diva's over the top style has been successfully pulled off and let me tell you how successful this was! We seriously got stopped all day long by all ages of people and from all walks of life and this has caused major attention and major questions with amazement which gave me many opportunities to spread the awareness of proper hair care and about natural hair care in general and to the specific tee.  This really made Diva R's esteem go over the top and from the beginning of the style she was ecstatic to get "colors" in her hair. She seen nothing but pure fun out of this who process and was thrilled as each set of color was put in.

This taking 7 hours was killer on me but i definitely took several breaks and did some while she slept and was finished the day after an hour and a half before the concert.  

Wait and see how long this style lasted and what we have done with it since!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Michelle G said...

Glad Diva R had a blast, she looked cute. Thank you for sharing.

YASU said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son loves Yo Gabba Gabba also. It would be great if a show was near us!!!

KHC0714 said...

Aww that looks super fun!! All I can say is Rainbowlicious hair!!! :)