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Premium Collection Satin Bonnett and Sleep Cap by Donna REVIEW

We went to the local Meijer to get a few things and while i was glancing around for a new product i had come across something marvelous.  I had it pre-determined months back to find a new sleep cap as we seem to go through and/or lose them consistently. So to no avail i found no appealing products, Meijer did sell some of the top brand products in the natural hair realm BUT they sure aren't natural and in fact right away this was obvious so i was sad :( This was depressing because i was so anxious to try some of these brands but after i read the bottle i sure wasn't excited anymore.

 THEN my spirits were lifted and my next hurdle was to decide which color we were to go with on this exciting new find of ours....

I had stumbled across a new brand of sleep caps which i have never seen before and they were surprisingly the same price as caps i have bought in the past so i was intrigued. They only sold "one size fit all's" in this type of cap that was pictured on an adult which was excellent because Diva R cannot wear children's sized caps! This had to be destined at this point. Then i started examining the package and noticed that the quality was just unbelievable and like no other cap we have ever had and we have had TONS. The next thing i noticed was that the caps were reversible and one side was printed! This was really exciting so i showed Diva R the purple, red, black, blue,and yellow and this yellow cap with the floral design is the one she wanted. (They also sold the solid colors)

Here is the reversibility of this seemingly amazing cap...

This isn't what i would call a really thick cap but it sure wasn't paper thin and near transparent like most.  I could not completely see through this cap but it had lots of small breathable holes making it clear that the cap has a great breathing ability which is hugely important since Diva R will be sleeping with the cap on.


Color: Yellow/Floral Pattern

Texture/Consistency: Satin smooth and soft with a medium thickness

Size: One Size

Cost: $2.99

After reading the package more thoroughly i seen that this product was made in Ohio which was also a nice sigh of relief and gave us a break from the normal made in China garble which we are forced to deal with. I was so anxious to try this cap out that i washed it immediately when i got home making sure i washed it on a hand wash cycle with a hypoallergenic wash and softener then i drip dried it. This is what i do with our caps to preserve them and to keep the dyes out of our items put on our bodies.

This review was conducted over several weeks of use so we are over 100% sure on our feelings and results with using this cap. The pictures below were taken during one of our random testing sessions.

 So onto the meat and potatoes...

The first thing i fell in love with, with the cap was that it was reversible! Secondly the satin softness was amazing and the fact that it fit better than any cap we have ever bought had just won me over. Diva R really took to this cap and couldn't wait to put it on. The quality was beyond words and for $2.99 i was shocked as to how great this caps quality is! I wouldn't even want to pay 10.00 or more for a bigger name brand cap after this one.  The fact that the cap isn't a specifically for children's cap wowed me too because those are no no's in our house.  
The color choices were of a nice variety so these could be unisex and for toddler age and up.  The thickness of the cap is also wonderful it is so breathable yet not transparent and cheap.  When the label says one size fits all to me it means that it accommodates all heads above small or baby sized heads. This i believe to be true as Diva R has a rather decent size head and this cap even fits my big head too. The price is GREAT i should have bought these out. I have not seen these caps anywhere besides Meijer, no cheap beauty supply would sell these. The beauty supplies sell caps for at least two times the price of these and the quality is sub human.

This cap is the top dog in our house and it keeps so well and by my method of washing it has not tried to fray or fade or lose shape.  This cap stays on all night and has not come off once. Diva R takes her cap off after she gets out of bed if her hair is not styled. If her hair is styled than she will let me remove the cap.  I have used the cap with her hair being done elaborately as well as her hair being down and it seriously has worked wonders both ways. The soft band across the forehead doesn't leave marks and it stays in place even with tons of extension hair underneath it. When her hair is down and underneath the cap it remains soft and well moisturized through the night and i am able to run my fingers through her hair with such ease, which has never been something i can say religiously.

This cap has passed all of our rigorous testing and has totally proven to be the best cap ever in our household!

This has been an absolute pleasure reviewing and i will be making a trip soon to wipe the shelves out!!!!

Not to mention Donna sells everything imaginable related to hair! Even beads!!!

Check out their website!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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