Tuesday, October 25, 2011

French Braids and Natural Curls

*Simple and quick ALERT* Had to break out the french braids again as these are getting easier and easier for me to do now and i love the change up in braid looks.  So i gathered my wide tooth comb, 2 rubber bands, hair bow of Diva R's choice, distilled water spritz, Bee Mine Curly Butter and Darcys Botanicals Cherry Kernal Nectar Hair & Body Oil.  So the idea was simple and quick while incorporating two french braids and natural curls!

I coated her hair lightly with the distilled water and squeezed it in because i was going to do this style on her dry hair.

I simply parted from just behind her ear and went across the top of her head and stopped at the back of her other ear in a half moon fashion.  I didn't feel the need for a rat tail or pick comb as i was going for a wider part with less of a need for perfection. French braids are distracting anyways (in a positive way) so the results are never really tight or really perfect because that's how the style originated many years ago and people since just add their own twists :) This is why when i do them i just let my hands go and grab sections as i go. 

Then i parted a part on the side of my Divas head, applied some Curly Butter and grabbed a small front section in the front of where i wanted to create the french braid and split it in three sections and began to braid. I LOVE side parts and i french braided overhandedly because i love the french braids that POP.  Then i did the same for the other side and rubber banded them TOGETHER behind her head, underneath her hair such as how a headband would be.

 I added one of Diva R's newest bows which my friend Mommy A (Diva R's bestie's momma) made for her. ITS HALLOWEEN <3 we just love the bow! Its one of two bow blessings that Diva R received and she has worn it many times <3

So then i moved on to the back section of her hair which was freely hanging, i  finger combed a few dabs of Bee Mine Curly Butter throughout and topped it off with a few spritz's of our DB Cherry Kernal Nectar Oil.

Here is an awesome side view of her style and the amazing bow <3 I just combed her baby hairs down which were remaining from the braids. I prefer not to gel or harshly slick them down because there is no way i want to stress her already sensitive hairline and most importantly these little curls are gifts from God and this is how he wanted them to be so i let them do their thing :)

Here is what the other side looked like you can get the idea of how i rubber banded the two french braids underneath her hair.

Under 20 minutes later the style was complete and expected to last a few days with minor touch ups :)

The style lasted strong for two days and then i restyled it <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Charlotte's Avenue said...

What a pretty style!! Love it!


Dominique-Alexis said...

Love the style and the awesome hair bow!