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Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt Review

Through my never ending search for empowering, inspirational movements for us to get involved in i had come across Pretty Brown Girl through the BLAC Magazine and just had to learn more! So while talking to BLAC Magazine i learned that the founders are from my home state Michigan! Shout out to my Michigan people! MI is on the map for sure now. I had to join in on the fun, this movement was just beginning to launch when i found out about it and I'm so bummed i couldn't make the launching event :'( I missed out on so much...  So i talked to PBG's blessed and amazing creator Sheri Crawley and i was filled in on future info and was so glad that there will be event in my area that we will be able to attend ^_^ 

Here is a bit of information on PBG that i gathered from their website...
Pretty Brown Girl! Founded in 2010, our mission is to encourage girls to celebrate who they are by developing positive self esteem, confidence and leadership.  The Pretty Brown Girl brand represents girls everywhere that love to have fun, learn, play, laugh and are happy in their own skin.  We know that our girls today are receiving mixed messages from the media, their peers, and countless other places. The chasm between childhood and adulthood is an extremely difficult bridge to cross. At a very early age, girls begin to shape their self image, and it is that image that they hold on to.
Our upcoming Pretty Brown Girl events will create opportunities for our young Pretty Brown Girls to experience new  things, meet new people, learn to advocate for themselves, and ultimately go out and make a unique difference in the lives of others. They will be encouraged to discover their talents and how to use their skills and gifts to impact and enhance our communities.

The issue of girls not knowing their value and self-worth is alarming and the time has come for us to start the dialogue at an early age.  Now is the time for us to ensure that our girls have self-confidence and strong-self esteem.  We have to let our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends know that self-confidence is a choice that ultimately affects our education, careers and our relationships. It starts with our encouraging messages to our children that beauty is inside their hearts and much more than skin deep.
Encourage, Inspire and Empower!

Established in 2010, Pretty Brown Girl's mission is to empower girls to love themselves and encourage cultural awareness and The Pretty Brown Girl brand encourages girls everywhere that love to have fun, learn, play, laugh and are happy in their own skin. The Pretty Brown Girl brand focuses on building high self-esteem with an emphasis on health and academics through the offering of the Pretty Brown Girl events, workshops and product line which includes books, apparel and accessories all branded with the Pretty Brown Girl logo.  A donation of 5% of all Pretty Brown Girl online purchases is made to Keep A Child Alive.  Songstress and Philanthropist Alicia Keys is the co-founder and Global Ambassador of Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization that provides medicine to families with HIV and AIDS in Africa
The Pretty Brown Girl pledge and products can be found at

Abundant Blessings,


For any press/media inquires please email

I give the Crawley family a standing ovation! Their mission is by far one of the most positive and best I've come across and they have already gotten so much accomplished in the short time they have been established and have tons in store for the future! KUDOS to being such an empowering and inspiring family! I cant wait to join in on the fun!

While browsing their amazing website i noticed they sell PBG apparel and accessories too, everything from bracelets to clothes and tutus to even umbrellas! I fell in love with everything but had to hurry and get Diva R a girls shirt and no better of a time to do so than when i did because it was also on sale for $14.95 plus shipping. Either way it is worth every penny. It was so hard to decide on what to get so we opted for the pink Pretty Brown Girl shirt in size XS 4/5.

(This isn't the actual pic i took)

It seemed like it took no time at all for our shirt to arrive and Diva R was surely excited and couldn't wait to wear it! I unwrapped the package and knew this was an amazing buy right away!

Our Review

Color: Pink
Texture/Material: Cotton and soft
Size: XS 4/5
Cost: $14.95 plus shipping (Sale price)
          Original price is $19.99

Here is my Diva modeling her LOVED PBG shirt! She was so intrigued by the saying/logo and is really proud that she has a shirt that identifies her to a T. She is really big about having things that look like or resemble her and this is a definite plus in her book! She loves her pretty brown skin and her pretty brown curls and now that she has a shirt to proudly boast this she is in heaven <3

 She has worn this several times since we got it and it is on her top request list for clothing choice! We may have to get a few more in different colors and sizes as well as maybe a long sleeve in the future??  I LOVE the Pretty Brown Girl Movement it is about time our blessed beauties get spotlight and have such an amazing movement to be a part of for them specifically! Usually its the other way around and our beautiful brown girls are the singled out ones or the only ones of color in certain settings and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the Crawley family for creating such an amazing family oriented place for our beauties to feel  how they should feel with all glory possible! GOD IS GREAT! May God bless the Crawley family in all their ventures and for the future to come <3


Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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