Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back To School Hair Style Day 3

Day 3 has brought us to a new style so i had taken her previous style down and shampooed and deep conditioned her hair. I used our Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and i let it sit lathered in her hair for a few minutes then i rinsed it out and followed it up with our Bee Mine Deep Conditioner. This time around using the Bee Mine Deep Conditioner i decided to leave it in under her shower cap for about 10 minutes as she played in the bath and i rinsed it out thereafter. This is something new i added to our regime weeks prior, as i feel this is instrumental in protecting and providing more nourishment to her hair that has just been styled for a period of time and it has proven as such.

Then the following morning i took off her sleep cap and applied a generous amount of our distilled water  through her hair and began to finger detangle. To help aide the process i applied our Curly Butter following and her hair was perfectly detangled and frizz free. 

Up until this point i had no style idea in mind so i just began playing around with different ideas and something popped into my mind. I thought hmm i wonder if i could pull off some horizontal cornrows on the very nape of her neck/head. So i sectioned off about an inch worth (thickness wise) of hair going across the back of her head and dabbed some Darcys Botanicals Vanilla Madagascar Styling Cream mixed with some Original Moxie Just Gel on the section as i cornrowed. I moved up to the section above the first completed cornrow and parted another same size section and cornrowed the hair the opposite way also dabbing the above mentioned mixture as i went

Diva R wanted beads to match her outfit so we broke out our animal shaped beads that we got from Curly Princess Hair Boutique a while back and some of our locally bought small pony beads and went to town :) She LOVES these beads and them being animals really tops her charts.

So at this point her hair starts to go out on to the sides more toward her face making straighter type cornrows impossible so i decided to throw her hair up into a trusty side pony tail with the help of our DB Madagascar and OM Just Gel mixture used for the slicking.  We LOVE side pony tails and are quite partial to them, they are just right for little girls. I put a purple pony tail holder in place and braided one big regular three strand braid, rubber banded the end and finger curled the remaining hair.

Id say not too bad for a first time attempt :) I'm sure if i keep working at them they will be better and better over time as with anything else. BUT we were overly satisfied with the results and Diva R exclaimed her FAV part are the braids with animal beads <3  30 minutes into the style we were complete and ready for her 3rd day of school which she looks forward to everyday. I like the varying look to the cornrows, almost as if they are layered, this is a cool beginning style idea for a whole heads worth of opposite facing cornrows too.

 I noticed that this section of her hair is thicker than most other areas. Her head of hair is very scattered, she has varying curl patterns on top of varying thickness/thinness, and varying textures throughout as well.  I love super cute and girly combinations styles! As a side note, these two products that i mixed together seem to work the best in fighting those stubborn baby hairs of hers that Ive been fighting and dealing with for years. YAY for that!

This can make or break you especially if you are new into taking care of your little ones hair or even yours. A bit of advice is this, DO NOT try one thing and give up if it doesn't work! TRY THEM ALL and tweak the idea/technique and you are sure to be able to manage ANY head of hair.  If nothing else there are tons of bloggers you can email who will not charge you to help you out TRUST ME! I often hear people saying that they cant manage their child's hair, cant style their hair and don't know what to do and are considering relaxers or chopping or giving up as a whole after receiving obviously horrible one sided advice from a non-hair educated person(s) (usually family or friends) but not wanting to step out of their local beauty supply realm, drug store environment or realm of things having to be "inexpensive" to really see what they could have at their finger tips.

Understand quality isn't cheap and if it is you should question it!  It sure isn't quality, its quantity at that point masked with foreign wording which not everyone knows to dissect right away.  What better to use on natural hair than NATURAL products? This is coming from a natural and nature standpoint because Makes sense if you add 2 and 2. Why people attach a dollar sign to quality i will never understand. Things like that are worth saving for if nothing else.

If nothing else, as a second point, there are tons of ways you can sample products for free or get discounts on if you get into blog reading/participating, contacting companies and entering some of the many giveaways always going on through the oodles of present natural hair care bloggers/companies. Don't forget to check around for sales too! While your at it know that you could also win huge packages, gift sets or gift certificates and much more without have to come majorly out of pocket.

Nothing is impossible!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


NitaLee said...

This is So Different BUt Cute , I Love This Very Unique <3

UntrainedHairMom said...

This is unique...very cute and creative!

LYGBC said...

Thank you Brianna and Brooke!