Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back To School Hair Style Day 1

School has begun so i will be showcasing Diva R's first 6 days of school styles one by one.  For her first day of school i wanted to do something girly, simple, cute and designed. I always let her pick out her school outfit and she takes great pride in this, my only requirement is that is has to be one of two that i show her and the whole outfit has to match :)  She chose one of her new Pink Akademik's outfits. So with this i just free styled a style the night before and here is how it turned out...


I shampooed and conditioned her hair with our trusty Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and Bee Mine Deep Conditioner. Then i spritzed our lovely distilled water lightly over her hair squeezing it in by hand. I then put some Bee Mine Curly Butter on her mids through ends and finger combed it in. My first part was from just above the ear across her head ending right above her other ear creating a top and bottom half.  I began on the bottom half and as i went i dabbed a bit of Curly Butter on each section as i cornrowed and just let my hands create. I ended up with an x shape in the middle and a few regular cornrows.

Then i adorned the ends with each a three inch and two inch Sidewinders mixed together for a new and fun look! Ive yet to see this done anywhere yet ^_^ I LOVE the different look of the combined Sidewinders! I then split the top section of hair in two even parts straight down the middle and clipped the right section off so then i could part out a tapered section from the back of her head to the front and create a forward facing cornrow. I did this on each side and adorned those with coordinating Sidewinders <3

With the remaining hair on each side i created piggy tails and finger curled her loose hair into two separate sections on each side.

I put most of her baby hairs into the piggy tails and slicked them into them the best i could using some Curly Butter. I combed the little remaining hairs downward and they fell right into place. Finally i topped it off with our Juicy Spritz and off to school she went.

 I wonder if the Diva will ever grow out of her baby hairs? Hmm

This style took about an hour and 15 minutes tops.

Diva R is still in LOVE with PINK, so this will probably be a staple color in our regime for a while.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Dominique-Alexis said...

Pig/ponytails always looks so pretty in her hair!

LYGBC said...

Thank you Dominique-Alexis! I find these to be our go to style too! Super quick and always changeable!

Precious @ said...

Very pretty style!

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Very nice ;-)