Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back To School Hair Style Day 6

So I had left the braid style in her hair through the weekend and for school on Monday i decided to braid some of the braids together into pig tails for a new change up. So i took a picture before hand to show the condition they were in days into the style. The overall condition was wonderful there still were no frizzies though i did have to replace some rubber bands periodically because i ran out of ortho bands.

I did smooth out the edges with more Luscious because her curls were trying to pop out and did pretty much pop out but this couldn't be prevented  because of her lengths being different still from previous bad hair cuts. I do think that if this hair was coarser her hair would have been easier to mold into.

There is nothing special to this style and since her hair is in the extensions i sure didn't want to get it wet as it isn't good to get all extension hair wet.

I just simply unraveled the braids to a certain mid point and then grabbed random sections as i went and created two pig tails adorned with a few of our cute new Halloween Hair Bows.

The unraveling created a nice braid out and it turned out to be super cute when blended and the varying texture along with colors really made for a nice color explosion. This Diva R really loved! She flipped time ad time again over this style and each time i changed it she loved it even more, she was begging me to leave the colors in she didn't EVER want me to take them out. So the pig tail style lasted for a few days and the braids didn't unravel any further. This was also a hit at school everyone kept wanting to touch her hair which even though it may have been tempting Diva R was sure to stop them in their tracks <3

This was a 15 minute change and since i was in a hurry i sure wasn't pressed for something extravagant nor did i want to take Diva R's cherished colors out. So this was our go to and it was on to the next thought for when it was time to take them down.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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