Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spider Web Crazy Hair Day Style with Halloween Flare

I don't know about you BUT Ive had the spirit of Halloween since September because when those leaves start to fall we know whats coming next and we start decorating and doing all types of Halloween related activities, crafts and baking! So Spirit week came up so quick and the second day within spirit week consisted of Crazy Hair /Mismatched Day so with this in mind i wanted to do something Halloween related but also something unique because ever since last year when I did Diva R's Crazy Hair Day Style with Valentine Flair people have seriously been expecting something to compete with that and were asking me weekly what i was going to do for the next Crazy Hair Day... I have not had much time to be beyond creative BUT after days and days of searching i came across Princess Piggies Spider Web Hair Style and i couldn't believe i wasn't already following this blog!

So immediately i was like WOW this is super cool and i must try this! Originally I had a palm tree design that i was going to do until i came across this and when i realized that Diva R's hair is way too fine to pull off the palm tree that i wanted too with hanging monkeys i had to give the spider web style a trial run first because Princess Piggies daughters hair is way longer than my Diva's hair and i figured this could pose an issue or different results with the spider web style. The day before i gave it a trial run and to my surprise it worked!!! With really no differences! From what i can tell in PP pictures her daughter doesn't have curly hair so i thought this was going to be a challenge because Diva R has shorter and way curlier hair....

So here is what i used and how i did it....

I gathered my 

*Tangle Teezer 
*Rat tail comb
*Small white pony o's 
*Clear rubber bands 
*6 small clippies
*Spider rings in purple, green, black and orange 
*Distilled water spritz, Bee Mine Curly Butter and Bee Mine Juicy Spritz

So i began by shampooing and conditioning her hair, rinsing and leaving it wet. Then i made sure her hair was completely tangle free and i created a pony tail in the center of her head that i made sure was snug but not super tight.  I used the Tangle Teezer to smooth her hair back into the pony tail so i had little to no frizzies or curlees sticking out. As i did this i was applying some Curly Butter to help smooth out the process and hold the hairs in place.  Then i separated the pony tail into 6 even sections and rubber banded each individually about an inch and a half out from the base of the pony and followed each up with a pony o. I spritzed some distilled on as i went because her hair was trying to dry up. Then each of the 6 sections that i parted out i split in two and then i had 12 sections and i rubber banded and pony tailed them each going outwards like a connected veil. I repeated this one more time around her head as that is all her hair length would allow for and i rubber banded and pony tailed them just as i did the rest.

At this time i realized that i had about 2-2 1/2 inches of hair left from each of the sections which i was going to attempt to twist bun them like Princess Piggies did but Diva R's hair wasn't cooperating so i had to roll the hair in a single roll and twists it as much as i could and clip it down so that the web will stay in its stretched place and not fold inwards like it would have if the clips weren't there to hold the edges of the web in place.

If you'll notice her hair looks frizzy by the edges and that's those stubborn baby hairs trying to peek out, there as nothing i could do to clean this up they just had to be tucked in the best i could and dealt with. Below is a close up :)

I didn't take pics prior to putting spiders in because i felt that it was hard to get good pics to describe what it was without the full effect and i still feel like these pictures didn't do the style its justice as if you were to see it in person. BUT if you know how to do a veil than you can do this with no problem. I also believe that the longer the hair the easier this is to achieve. I chose to use the spider rings because i figured they would be easiest to put in and i wanted a web full of spiders and nothing in the stores would halfway work as good as these did.

 The next test was going to be taking her to school for her wacky crazy hair and mismatched day and see if the style will stay in place! I made sure everything was secured and not moving because i know that she would be playing dress up in school as this is her FAV pastime with her classmates. I told her not to put anything on over her head and not to let people touch her hair.

So when we get to school people are oogling and ooh and ahhh-ing

To my surprise the style stayed in placed exactly how i had it! YAY!

I guess i always over do it but that's better than doing nothing at all. Diva R's self esteem speaks for my level of care. and for weeks she was asking "Mom when are you going to put the spider web and spiders in my hair?" So when it came time she was super excited and was living in the mirror LOL

 From beginning to end this style took about 2 hours with breaks and fooling with the baby hairs :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


La Shauna said...

Very cute!..I came across that site a few days all her styles

Precious @ said...

Very cute and creative! Lovin' it!! said...

Very creative! I like it :)

Bettina C. said...

this is so cute, i can't wait till my daughter goes to school and has crazy hair day!!!

melissar said...

so cool but it creeps me out lol