Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Strand Flat Twist Style With Braided Pig Tails

Today's style was inspired by the very much so loved and appreciated simple, quick and easy idea which likes to stick around this household :)  I have been trying new ways to make twists stay in Diva R's hair and lately i feel i have been making progress! YAY! This is great news because way before i learned how to braid i was trying to put twists in her hair. Whats strange is i have always been able to flat twist and flat rolling twist my own hair just couldn't do it on anyone else until some months ago without them unraveling. 
SO since we had such a busy day and a family get together on top of everything else i decided the theme was going to be black and red.

I gathered my distilled spritz bottle, BM Curly Butter and Juicy Spritz. First i applied our distilled as usual and i began by sectioning the front part which i planned on doing a two strand flat twist. From this point i had parted straight down the back of her head and this is where the main part was going to be.  I applied some Curly Butter to the section then I began by grabbing a small front piece of the section that i am going to twist and began twisting the left strand over the right and kept that pattern picking up hair as i went until i reached the end of the hair on her scalp.


Then i started to braid the remaining hair from the twist and i secured the end with a rubber band. This is a must for Diva R's hair type because if i do not do this her hair will unravel that quick. (wish i would have taken more pictures)!
Then with the part i already made i created two uneven pig tails and applied some CB to each section and pony tailed them each off with matching red pony tails and made a loose single braid with the remaining hair on each side. I added one of Diva R's hair clippies too which we received from the Naturally Flyy Detroit Meet Up a few months back :) The cool thing about this clip is Ive never seen anyone else wearing one making it "special" <3

In the picture below you can see how i braided the remaining hair from the twist and just put it back into the pony tailed braid.

I spritzed our Juicy as our light finishing moisturizer and off we went for a whole days worth of activities! The hair style took 20 minutes and lasted the whole day and into the next.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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