Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spirit Day Hair Style

It seems like a few weeks ago we had spirit day for Diva R's school spirit week but it has seriously been since last school year! WOW the time sure flies by... So Diva R's school colors are still Green and Yellow so of course i had to do something that was different than last school years style but still cute and with use of the school colors.  To see or reflect on last years school style please click here...

This time around i was going for something we haven't done BUT i also wanted to keep it simple and quick as well as something that will stay in for a few days with little to no maintenance.  I grabbed our rat tail comb, 10 pony tails in green and yellow, distilled water spritz, Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer, and Juicy Spritz. 

We decided on some non-conventional piggy back braids. 


 The style pretty much explains itself as i just simply parted her hair down the middle and just parted 4 sections on each side that were similar in size that i pony tailed each individually.

 I began with the front left section and i pony tailed it off and braided about 3 inches, give or take ,of the remaining hair and then pony tailed that braid into the next section underneath then i braided about 3 inches of the remaining hair from the prior two sections and pony tailed that off and so on.

As i went i applied a dab of the Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer so that I would be locking in the pre applied distilled water, with it being a thick cream moisturizer it really does its long term moisturizing job and this is what we needed for this style because i wanted it to stay in for a few days. It is always crucially important to make sure that you have a very good thick moisturize, doesn't matter what your hair type texture or even density is, if you style your little ones hair (or your own) in any type of style moisture needs to be present and LOCKED in so that the hair stays nourished and moisturized.without need for re doing the hair or reapplying product after product. Not only do thick moisturizer provide great moisture that lasts but they also serve as a hold product that will help keep fly away's in and smooth out the edges in a healthy moisturizing fashion making the style be able to last longer in its healthy styled state as well as aide in maintaining the hairs natural health with benefits of increase <3

 In total the style too about 35 minutes i attribute this timing to moisturizing and parting. We achieved our simple and quick cute spirit day hair style and were ready for Diva R to have an amazing time at school with the spirit day activities and class participation. I'm big in to participating in and going to everything school, and activity related and having the kids involved. I don't remember my parents ever dressing me up and going to all the functions consistently and I'm glad I'm older and don't remember because i was probably bummed when i was younger because i can now see how the kids feel who's parents don't read the calendars and don't go out of their way to have their kids participate in activities an functions at school as they see all the other kids dressed up and doing things theme specific...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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