Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why Was Love Your Girls Biracial Curls Created?.....

Why LYGBC Was Created

First and foremost LYGBC was created in honor of Diva R to honor her natural curls while documenting every step of our way through her hair journey. This I believe will be instrumental to her as she gets older and since I chose to blog  about everything under the sun pertinent to her hair and skin care there will be no questions unanswered or “I don’t knows”, “I don’t remembers” and things of that nature being uttered.
This will be something that Diva R can build on in her own way as she matures, maybe she will choose to extend her journey on to others in effort to help them such as I’m doing now or it may help her in some ways when it comes to her future children. 

Love Your Girls Biracial Curls was also formulated on the desire that I have to extend the many blessings we have received from the beginning of our hair journey and beyond, out to others beginning their journeys of caring for and LOVING their natural hair..
It  was also inspired from the lack of help out there when I was beginning. Lack of knowledge offered and "door slammings" from others Ive reached out to.

I sought to create a community addition onto the natural hair care movement that provides all of the above positively.

We’ve had more bad then good experiences in the beginning of time with products, professionals, street stylists’ recommendations, information at hand and locally based shops all around BUT have since blossomed and found the right networking of people and couldn't be more satisfied. 

Here is a good example: The only shop I ever took Diva R to would have charged us 40.00 for just pony tails with two strand twists plus 5 dollars for beads!!!  (Ahhhhh!) Is what I say to that. Luckily the style was free because of this back to school special or we would have walked on out with them deuces up. The robbery that is conducted in some shops is just striking.

With these types of bad experiences in mind, I vowed to do my best to help as many people as I can to not make some of these same mistakes choices which will end up with bad/disastrous results. 

I also illustrate my talents through our blog so that my local curlee friends/parents/caregivers of little curlees who I come across in search for help, a braider, or advice have Ideas and can see what LYGBC is all about along with the skills i am blessed with.

LYGBC is continuing to prove that ANY and ALL types of hair can be styled, tamed, maintained, corrected, repaired, recovered and the like no matter the knowledge, or type of damage incurred previously.
When you Google/search for biracial, multiracial, tri-racial, African American, Ethnic and similar terms in hopes to find hair and skin care information you don’t get a whole heaping amount of results. 

We are here to help people not to have to spend months on end searching for help/advice that is needed as of yesterday.

I created LYGBC as a resourceful site full of a wide spectrum of ALL Hair Care help and information as well as styles that can be pulled off on ALL hair types regardless of length, texture, curlee or straight. So the time spent searching through unhelpful info is lessened or eliminated and harmful products and components are identified and displayed.

I hope to influence at least one person to stray from relaxers, chemical and heat straighteners as well as using the straightener products. 

 Don’t let the name fool you our blog is for all hair types, textures and densities, all ethnicity's, curly, wavy, kinky or straight hair, for children and adults and we don’t only cover Hair and all of the lovely aspects of it, but we branch out into family life, life in general, topics of popular discussion, reviews on other products and much more.

Everything provided through LYGBC is vital information for everyone. With this network of gathered resources, tips, information, styles, links, and the ever growing additions my goal is for people to be able to easily navigate through the world of natural hair care to easily learn, build on their present knowledge, gain what they need and leave an imprint for someone else to gain from and ultimately begin to and continue to love their beautiful and rockin hair in its lovely God Given form!

LYGBC is here to inspire everyone to want to learn and successfully learn all the in’s and out’s of properly caring for natural and transitioning hair.
If nothing else than to motivate those in need of a kick start by providing the basics along with education so they can safely endeavor into the natural hair care movement.

LYGBC was created to help/assist those with unanswered questions, those in need of support and those with lack of helping hands or lack of one side of their child’s biological families.

I noticed before I began blogging that a few of the more popular blogs had many followers that never got their questions/requests answered or responded to. LYGBC has since helped many of these people who now have major success stories and will continue to bless those with great pride!  

LYGBC is here to save the day! Diva R Loves her hair blog and its all for my sweet little angel and all the other curlee cuties out there young and forever young!

Diva R's Mommy Kim & Diva R 


Diva Locks said...

Well said, I was iqnored by big time bloggers, how sad. I will never be like that I don't care how busy I get or how many followers I get I am going to acknowledge, address, and talk to them all!!!! Without them you are nothing! said...

I had the same problems when I started my blog too (and still do) I just think some people see themselves as better than you if they have more followers or come up with more creative things than you, which is sad. You were one person who did answer back to me and I appreciated it! Thanks again and I like your blogs new look! :)

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

~ Standing Ovation ~ I really enjoyed reading your post. I am a blogger. I hate when I visit blogs to make a comment and I never see the writer respond back with it's readers. That looks a little stand-off-ish to me. I also understood when you stated the high cost of going to a stylist just to get a hairstyle you can do yourself.

Thanks for posting. I wish you great joy and success as you blog what you love. Your daughter will look back on all this and smile. Peace & Blessings.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Yea i agree Tiffany!!! Its actually quite childish of those bloggers... I vowed to be the same way!

@CHIB- Your very welcome and like i said from the beginning i WILL answer and help any and everyone regardless of "popularity". I still have that problem as well and its also a notorious problem with companies too! Your blog is gorgeous as well and i knew you'd make it big! KUDO'S

Thank you KeeKee for your uplifting words! God Bless!

Precious said...

Such a great post! I can't tell you how many times I've come across bloggers who just do not pay any attention to their subscribers. In the hair community as well! Like Tiffany very well stated you're nothing without your followers just like celebs are nothing without their fans. I want to talk to each and every one of my followers and acknowledge that they exist! I'm so glad you created LYGBC!!

j_mitchell_35 said...

I really enjoyed the post and your blog looking at some old posts.