Sunday, June 12, 2011

Virtual Playdate: 10 Fact's About Diva R...

Diva R was invited to have a play date with N from KandyLandKurls!!!!!! YAY Thanks Kandy! Diva R LOVES play dates.

10 Facts about Diva R and Little Bro Z

1. Diva R wants a little sister :)
2. Little Bro Z has blonde hair
3. Diva R would not touch juice until she turned 4 years old!
4. Little Bro Z LOVES Cars, trucks and trains
5. Diva R has more clothes than we all do combined!
6. Little Bro Z is going to be 2 this year!
7. Diva R has been talking in sentences since 1 year old
8. Little Bro Z likes to hit! o_0
9. Diva R will NOT let me read her a book that has someone crying in it LOL She doesn't like when someone is sad
10. Little Bro Z eats EVERYTHING under the sun :0 Not picky at all

To join the play date, post 10 facts about your little one/ones in the comment section below. If you have a blog post 10 things about your child/children. Next thank and link back to the person who invited you to the play date and invite a few other blogs to participate in the online play date.

Who else would like to play??

We invite ( not in any specific order)...

God Bless!
Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Kandy said...

This was awesome! Your son sounds soooo much like mine! except blonde hair lol

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

LOL Yea we have determined we have the same son :)Just different hair :D Boys will be boys haha

Precious said...

Nice facts, lol at the books with someone crying in it, that's too cute!

jianette said...

10 Facts about Princess MAC

1. She is convinced that she is royalty.
2. She has met every Disney Princess in person except for Princess Jasmine.
3. I will never have to worry about her cutting her hair, as she aspires to have Rapunzel's length.
4. She was born on Christmas eve. The best Christmas present I have ever recieved :)
5. Almost everyday, she is dressed in some sort of costume. Be it a ball gown or a tutu, or even superman...
6. She loves living in Hawaii, but is excited to move to Colorado to make "snow castle"
7. It takes her 2 hours every night to eat her dinner UNLESS it is ravioli. why? Because she hates veggies...
8. She has a best friend that she has known since she was 7 months old. They are completely obsessed with each other.
9. Princess M loves to go to starbucks and get an apple juice in an iced coffee cup.
10. When I was pregnant with her "brudder", she called him "Mocha", I still don't know why lol