Thursday, June 16, 2011

UPDATE! Cush Cosmetics Mango Babassu Shampoo Bar REVIEW

Cush Cosmetic's Mango Babassu Shampoo Bar
I was contacted a while back by Toni from Cush Cosmetics about reviewing some of her products :) So of course after i checked her website out thoroughly while making sure to note what ingredients each product had in them, i was all for trying her all natural and organic hair care products. I was excited particularly because i have never tried a shampoo bar before on any of our hair, in fact i just learned about these about 6 months ago! I didn't even know they existed back when ^_^
The Scent: Slight Minty/Eucalyptus
The Texture: Like a bar of soap just slightly softer
The Color: Light Yellow
The Cost: $7.50 for 4oz

Here is what the one we received looks like...

I'm not sure why there is such a color difference but i imagine its normal since its natural. Not a big deal in my eyes, just would rather see on the computer what i am going to receive exactly if possible:)

If you would like to see the specs, ingredients and more of a description click here. I was having an unsuccessful time copy and pasting the information onto my blog for the review due to the columns and such on their website.

So of course my being puzzled at first was a bit of a good chuckle but the next thing I'm going to tell you will probably make you laugh for sure. On top of all that i didn't know whether i should use the bar as is like a bar of soap but for the hair or if i should break it up into chunks because i thought for some reason it would dissolve or something (LOL @ ME!)

I went ahead and broke a chunk off and i put Diva R in the bath and wet her hair down and then i started lathering this chunk i broke off into my hands with a tad bit of water and then i applied it to her hair. (This process took a bit longer than i would like because i couldn't get a great lather from this shampoo bar) I have yet to try another shampoo bar so I'm not sure if they are all like that or not.
I must say i like the fresh scent it is very light and very nice with a relaxing feel to it :)

Here is Diva R's hair right after it was shampooed with the Mango Shamp Bar.

It had a ok lather. I am kind of unsure if i like the feel of her hair there after it being shampooed. It felt like i had just rubbed a bar of soap on my body and had that squeeky clean feel, which for hair it is kind of questionable. See above how dry it looks ?

I decided to not put conditioner or moisturizer on her hair and just put a sleep cap on over night so i can see how the shampoo acts alone... Here are the resulting curls of hers the next morning...

AHHHHH is what i have to say :( I did try this bar several times and i must say that each time it seemed harder to use the shampoo bar, it could be because i broke it up in chunks LOL Or just that Diva R's hair and shampoo bars just don't mix...

I used this consistently for over a week now and I'm just not thrilled with its results, her hair definitely needs moisture in her shampoo and the bar is just like a body soap in my opinion. I may try it on my hair next to see how my hair does!!

The results expressed are strictly our opinion and review :) To each their own!

I tried the shampoo bar on my son Z's hair which is straight as a board and fine as silk... I expected different results because that usually the results i get because of their night and day hair types. So here is what his hair looked like right after it was shampooed with the shampoo bar...

I will say that i don't really use much on Z's hair because it doesn't require much care... So i lathered the shampoo bar and went to town. I could tel off bat that applying the shamp bar to his hair was much easier than Diva R's. It lathered much better on his hair also and there after his hair had the fresh scent of cleanliness and minty-ness :) His hair was visually left super soft and shiny and i must say it was LOVELY on his hair. I never use conditioner on his hair nor moisturizers really because his hair grows like wild fire as it is and it doesn't need extra attention :) His hair is just like daddies.
This will not be used on Diva R anymore but it will be little bro Z's staple shampoo! YAY

See what the flip side of the Shampoo Bar according to Untrained Hair Mom looks like :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Kandy said...

OMYGOSH It did horrible on her hair! It looks so matted and dry! I laughed at the soap bar, I wouldn't know how to use it either LOL.

Michelle G said...

I have always wanted to use a shampoo bar. I think that I would have used it in it's whole form though as opposed to breaking it up.

UntrainedHairMom said...

We enjoyed the shampoo bar, you most definitely need a conditioner with it though. I didnt know how to use it either, I had to ask lol. And natural products vary in color, it is not a big deal.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Yea i just did what i was thinking at the time.... It doesnt work any different being broken up though just easier to slip out of my hands :)
Thanks Brooke!
Thanks Michelle!
Thanks Kandy! You sure are right about that!