Monday, June 20, 2011

Recap from Our Multiracial Playgroup's 1st Ever "Hair-Date"

Hey everyone, this has been very anticipated :) Sorry it has taken so long i have become swamped with LIFE! Wheew, So in a nut shell i have mentioned that i am a co-organizer of the only multiracial playgroup in my area and we orchestrated a Hair-Date which is a hair play date for both the kiddies and us mommies. I'm sure everyone is wondering what a Hair Play date is. WELL we have never heard of one before so we decided to create one, this is important to us because as well as our playgroup being for all ethnic, multiracial, biracial and blended families alike it is also a children's natural hair care group. There is none in the whole state where we live so with all of the endless knowledge we all have as well as desires to learn and share the wealth we collaborated and had an awesome hair party!!

(From the left to right is Diva M, Prince E, Prince A, and Diva R)

They all felt the need to crowd into the twins cribs and JUMP! LOL This was ok because the boys were getting new beds. This was how the kids wanted to spend a bit of our Hair-Party! No one wanted to sit still!

Below is Diva R and the twin boys :) The boys have TIGHT kinky coily hair def type 4 and one has thinner less packed coils while the other has thicker more packed coils :) Needless to say the boys Prince A and Prince E's hair shrinks about 75% of its springy length because when picked out it would be at least 3-5 inches longer than it is.

Diva R has a much different hair type being 2ab/3ab which has slightly changed from its previous 2a/3ab state. Her hair has become slightly coarser adding more of a texture to her already textured and curlee fine hair :)

(Below from left to right is Diva A, Diva M, Prince E, Prince A and Diva R)

Diva M and Diva A are sisters :) Diva M is 2.5 years old and from Ethiopia. She has the most textured, coiled, and coarse hair of the group :) Her lovely curls are definitely z formed and are of the type 4b all around with a hint of 4a. Her momma is destined to learn how to care for her hair, she mainly keeps it styled as pictured because it is very fragile, easily tangled and has easy potential of breaking off. She doesn't use any special product in particular and is in process of trying to learn cornrows.  Diva M's hair has never been styled, no heat has ever been used and it also has a shrinkage of about 50-75% its length. It is shorter in the back and on the sides than top. I wish i would have got to see her hair down and got to play with it :(
Diva A on the farthest left has type 2 hair very fine, minimal wave and slight end curls. Her hair is mainly pony tailed or left down with a clip or so :)

I can say that beads would be just lovely in her hair with some cutesy box braids, cornrows and ponytails mixed! Maybe her momma will join our group in the future :)

The twin boys usually wear their hair out in its tight form :) Their momma is also desiring to learn how to properly care for their hair, she is a stylist but doesn't have AA hair care knowledge yet. She uses Jane Carter Solution and a natural hair oil mixture with Jojoba oil as her products of choice for their hair. She uses conditioner as their "wash" once a week no shampoo... Her goal is for the boys to be able to wear their hair out in a cute big defined fro.

Below is little bro Z on the farthest right :) Obviously he has no curl at all so if there is even a type 1 hair that what he would have :) I just wash his hair with Bee Mine Botanical Shamp and for styling (simple combing downwards) i use a spritz of distilled water and the Tangle Teezer. His hair is soft and silky and no need for conditioner or moisturizer ever, its just like mine and daddy's hair.

Below is Diva S who i have found to also be Diva R's hair twin!!! The first ever in person hair twin and she happens to be one of Diva R's Besties :) She has gorgeous soft and silky LONG ringlet curlees :) They shrink about 50% of their possible length, Mommy A uses Darcy's Botanical's and Aubrey Organics religiously and swears by them. As you can see Diva S's hair lavishes these products and speaks for her mommas great care! Her hair resembles Diva R's so much! Its thin, fine and type 2/3 mixed all in to one gorgeous head of curls! She has put me up on some new tips and products that i haven't heard of nor tried as well as a local shop to get some of these at!

You can pull her curlees down her back! and they are so healthy. She usually has her hair styled all pretty in very cute girly styles with equally as lovely pretties. But no matter how she wears her hair it is just stunning. Diva S is 3.5 years old and is half Caucasian and half Black American.

Shout out to her momma, Mommy A who is also one of my besties!  Her momma is also the founder of our awesome playgroup which caters to multiracial/biracial/triracial/AA/adoptive and cultural families of any and all natures. We have blossomed into a Children's Natural Hair Care meet up too! THE ONLY ONE IN OUR WHOLE VICINITY!
(Below is Diva M and Diva R jumping around not wanting anything to do with hair time at this moment LOL) As you can see below her hair is very blinged out and in lots of little twisted knots. Diva R's hair is just fluffing as she jumps LOVE IT!

 Below is Diva A and Diva M sisterly love :) Diva A is 4 i believe...

Such lovely kiddies we all have :) There were 3 who were not present :( So total there were 7 kiddies and 3 momma's enjoying our first ever of many to come Hair-Date! We had a blast! It was soo cool bringing all of our hair stuff to show and share with everyone. YAY for us, we will take this as far as we can because there are hundreds and hundreds of families local to us who could benefit from this!  We have our next hair-date mapped out and each one will have a direction/topic to it with specific goals and elements so that everyone can maximize their benefits from it.  We have never heard of a Hair Meet Up until recent times so we figured we will make our own and  that's exactly what we did!

The kids briefly let us incorporate them but there were so many toys and this was a new place to the kiddies so it will take some breaking in to get our flow going since the kiddies range from 21 months-7 as of current times are concerned.  We have all of the lovely hair types in our group of all different sizes, textures and lengths and we are a group of momma's dedicated to our children, their hair care and emphasizing culture.
We had many snack times between and lunch time as well as play play play time! This was a great opportunity for us mommas to share our knowledge, expertise and tips with each other as well as get to know about each others routines, products, styling methods and tools/accessories used while gaining new ideas for our own regimes! This was and will continue to be great fundamental tutorial times, blessed times of learning, creating of opportunities to pass on knowledge we have obtained individually, a way to help others in need of hair care advice/tips, and all out fun while embracing our diverse culture's and proper hair care :) NOT TO MENTION great interactions for the kiddies who will have other children who resemble them and their families as close friends for life!

There will be much more to see from our Hair-Date's/Playgroup and LYGBC ESP in late JULY Mommy A and I are taking a trip to some where VERY HUGE in the Natural Hair Community to make an impact and spread the word!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Have you ever had or orchestrated a Hair-Date???


UntrainedHairMom said...

Thats awesome, I have never had one but it is a great idea, thanks for sharing!

Shay said...

that is sooooo awesome! that's definately something i need to look into here in our area!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Brooke!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap and shout out Kim! I love the recap and yes, we need to keep these up. We have so much knowledge to share with each other! :)