Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Accessories of Ours :)

Here are some new things we have purchased lately :) The first pictured is of some inspired hair that i will be unveiling the complete product with in September... So i will not detail it now but i will say that i bought them from Doctored Locks and i was so thrilled with their customer service and selections that i will return in the future to buy more stuff as they have more than just hair :) My package came in just one day!

Below are some Orthodontic Bands, i came across these and was intrigued as i have heard about these from some you tube videos and they are much smaller than rubber bands and they are much stronger as well, they aren't as cheap as rubber bands though :( But they are supposed to be healthier on the hair... so we will see as i replaced rubber bands with these.... They were $1.95 a pack.

I took a trip to my fav local beauty supply in search of hair and some other things for a special style and instead of finding those items i found a new different type of silk sleeping bonnet a kids shower cap and some hair clips for sectioning. I have had no luck finding good sectioning clips and i have bought SO MANY so hopefully these work out for us... Ive used them several times and would say that they are good clips, some of the best I've bought.

We have been blessed with new products to review also and the reviews are coming in the near future so stay tuned! Of course they are organic/natural and i have 4 on hand! Those are the only clue's i will give. :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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