Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Current Organization System Plus a Reflection On Our Organization Contest

Hey Everyone, i was just thinking about organization needing to be changed up and added to again when i thought hey why not post an up date of our accessory madness and storage for all of our hair items.

 (This pic here was taken the longest time ago out of all the following pictures, because we use solely Bee Mine and Mixed Chicks right now.)

 Of course these pictures were taken back in February but nothing has really change just got loads new accessories mixed in with our others now and plus and minus a few products from the collages.  I will wait another months and see how much our collection grows and do an update then :)

But this was just a reflection and i thought id share since i haven't shared on our blog yet :) Some of you probably remember these pictures from our Facebook Organization Giveaway Contest that concluded and is over now that we hosted for the Sidewinder Hair Holder's which Dawn and Brooke won via "likes" :)

These are our storage bins and the like that helps to house some of our many accessories. I seriously find one here and there daily, i can not keep up with them LOL So it would be nice if i could invent my own because there is seriously nothing out there that is exactly how i want it for storage... For now though, this is what works for us.

I also have a garbage bag full of yarn of different colors plus a full box. This we use for the yarn extensions as well as for crafting.

I know i have thousands and thousands of beads, i cant give an exact number but it grows consistently! and we've also got lots of new hair bows for Diva R, prettys, clippies, ballies and more :)

 The Tangle Teezer is not present in the pics.

Here is the bow holder that i had made a while back as a make-shift bow holder until i found one that we liked that would coordinate with what Diva would like and be fair in price as well  to make me happy :) Hard combo to find now adays.


Those are 98 % of the Diva's bows pictured above.

That is how our system is functioning at the moment, i am definitely looking into some new ideas for storage as well as better bead boxes, how to crochet hair flowers, how to make tutu bow holders, how to make all types of bows and what ever else comes up that is appealing.

We have yet to unveil two of Diva R's newest hair accessories also, i am waiting on the second part of one of the two to arrive yet and when it does we are going to review right away because we are patiently awaiting it :) It will be fun for Diva and Mommy! 

Anyone recommend any shops/stores/sites that have good hair storage containers/bins, crochet books, and how to make bows/holders? Its always great to become aware of ones I've not come across :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


allthingscuteandgirly said...

Ugh. Isn't having girls the worse? Everything and anything cute you just wanna buy! I am the exact same way and building my hair accessorie pile and its so overwhelming trying to organize everything.

There's a site called or basically, a ton of different storages. I haven't looked into it thoroughly because theres just so much! But also, any other place like walmart, target. Big lots, $1 store and office supplies can work.

Btw, id love to participate in the giveaway!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Allthingscuteandgirly-YES IT IS!!! LOL Thank you! I never thought about Big Lots! They usually have pretty good deals. Ill see about the container store too! Thanks