Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yarn Braids Transformed for Soccer

So by now the yarn braids are 3 days old and they still look pretty good. Since Diva R plays Soccer I have to keep this in mind while styling, especially if its right before Friday comes :)  The rules for hair are that it has to pulled up off the shoulders, can not contain hard accessories and cannot be hanging in her face.

This doesn't leave much to do out side of the traditional french braids, pony tails, piggy tails and the like...

So since Diva R is wearing her yarn braids still i just figured id throw them in some low/looser styled piggy tails. I first spritzed a little distilled water throughout her hair, followed by the juicy spritz for her daily double dose of moisture, then i applied the Mixed Chicks Hair Silk.  Since it was a HOT day i knew that i would have to put something protective on her head. I use this to help in protect against the harmful rays. I can say this does a good job! i believe it is very true to its claim!

I used some regular Goody Brand pony tails with NO METAL on them. This was simple and quick, cute and easy and appropriate for soccer all in the same style! I don't like the idea of rubbing sun block in between her braids and such like that because of the residue, saturation and the whole bit. So i was glad to find that this product helps with UV protection.


Note to self: Next time don't do any less than 25 yarn braids on Diva Rs head because of how thin it is it really needs as many as possible :) I did 17 this time.

This switch up lasted one full day until i changed up something else for the next days style incorporating the yearn braids :)... COMING SOON

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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