Friday, June 3, 2011

We Busted Out the Yarn Again!!!! With Instructions

This is our never ending saga with yarn :) I have had this yearn cut for a while now and i decided hey why not do some yarn braids again.

I feel that you can never go wrong with yarn braids whether they are single, boxed or cornrowed or even twisted instead of braided :) I like these very much, and quite often i catch people staring at her hair in amazement, curiosity and just plain awe.

I feel these are completely appropriate for little ones, versus doing extension hair all the time, i like yarn for the playfulness of it.

I was just parting and going, not trying for perfection just wanted something quick, easy and cute that i could use different colors with.  The yarn i use is the Red Heart brand acrylic yarn, i used carnation baby pink and a multi colored cool toned yarn mixed together.

I go through and cut ALL the yarn before i start, this is the most time consuming part of yarn braids. 
So i began by washing her hair with our Bee Mine Botanical Shamp, followed by our Mixed Chicks Leave In, and then i moisturized it over night with our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and let it dry because i DO NOT and will not do yarn braids on wet hair. This is because of staying away from getting the yarn wet which is a NO NO in our book.


The next morning is when i began, before we sat down i made sure i had our...

*Yarn pieces
*Rat tail comb
*Section clips
*Wide Tooth comb
*Clips of choice
*Distilled water spritz bottle
*Bee Mine Juicy Spritz
*Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter
And some activities for the Diva of course :)

I planned on having this done as quick as possible while also hoping that i could get it to last as long as possible!

I started by sectioning the back of her hair first and moved upwards. I did this until i had 17 squares and i braided as i went and the good thing about yarn braids also is that no rubber bands are needed!! YIPPEE! breaks from rubber bands are one of the best choices for the hairs sake! I just simply loop one of the resulting strands of yarn around the hair twice and knot it twice. This stays undoubtedly and never comes out of being done.
I began by lightly drizzling her hair with the distilled water as a refresher before i started parting, then applied her moisturizer, finger detangled very well and then used the wide tooth comb to start parting our rectangles, once those were done i started parting the squares. I would section clip a few squares at a time so i could move from one to another.  I then applied the Curly Butter to each box from scalp to ends thoroughly so that it could help seal in the moisture while creating a nice hold so the braids will stay as neat as possible for as long as possible. After i did that i would add the yarn extension in and braid each box separately, for this style i chose to add in 7 pieces of yarn folded in half over the boxed section and i would just add it in and braid downward.  
This is where i would tie an end yarn piece around the whole set for security before i added the clips.

An hour and a half later not including breaks we were done :) I must say Diva is in LOVE with these yarn styles, she seriously brags about these to EVERYONE!

This style has been currently in for 3 days now :) Keep a watch for updates!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim