Friday, June 10, 2011

"Hair-Time" Art REVIEW

Hey everyone! We have reviewed our blessed "Hair-Time" Art by Katie Bradley and would like to share!  As you may remember from a previous Shop-Light that we shared, Katie Bradley is the creator behind the scenes of Mossy Rock Designs.

We got the 5x7 sized "Hair-Time" Trio, because the bigger the better of such cute art pieces for the Diva's room! These pictured below are pictures that i took of our own set that we received! (Special THANK YOU to Katie Bradley and your being a blessing to Diva R!)

This was what it looked like right out of packaging, it was sealed in a clear envelope and all three 5x7's were all neat and safely put :) I had placed our order and received it in just a few days! Super quick shipping and packaging was very well done.

I must say that the first thing that i noticed beyond the gorgeous little curlee girl *_*, was the exceptional quality of this lovely canvas appearing linen textured print!! Oh i love the feel it really compliments the art and makes it POP.

Here is the description from Katie's Etsy Shop...

"Do you have a special someone in your life who has beautiful, natural curls? Is "Hair Time" a special time for you both? This little set of illustrations was created in celebration of natural African hair.

You will receive 3 prints in the 5"x7" size, 1 each of the 3 "Hair Time" ACEOs I painted.

The images are professionally printed with highest quality inks on Kodak Endura Professional papers. The paper has a linen texture.

This set is also available in the 2.5"x3.5" ACEO image size.

All the proceeds go into our adoption fund - by purchasing this set you are helping us bring our daughter home from Ethiopia"

You can kind of see the texture in the print in the above photo. This was right before i showed Diva R what was in the package that came for her. She has nothing like this at all and was in need of some art work and such for her room, so "Hair-Time" it was and i knew she would LOVE IT.

This set of prints say alot to me and it spells out nothing short of loving your blessed curlees in any and every fashion and showing that  YOU make your hair and its just as gleaming of a compliment to a sweet hair princess ^-^

I see confidence, strong self esteem, quirkiness, beauty, love and the realness of "Hair-Time". Hair Time is special for us because its beyond a bonding moment for my daughter and I, its also FUN, Diva R takes great pride in choosing and helping with her styles and accessorizing. Its versatile, its cherished and very well appreciated too! LOL When she seen the prints that came for her she REALLY hugged them <3

The first thing she pointed out was the differences in their hair styles and that she loves the little girl's curly hair and that she wants her hair like each different style everyday :)

These are the frames that we put our Hair-Time prints in and i think we made a good choice :) we like the black furniture theme anyways as a rule of thumb so our plan is to hang them up exactly like we have them pictured above. This we have to do strategically so her little brother Z doesn't sabotage them like little brothers like to do o_O

I must say that this was a blessed find! Nothing describes Hair-Time like these lovely prints! Diva R LOVES them dearly. The quality exceeded my expectations, the customer service was impeccable, Katie was prompt in responding to emails and it seemed like the package flew to me. On top of our great find, great deal, and great experience, we were able to help Katie get that much closer to adopting her dear daughter :)

Check out Katie's Etsy Shop Mossy Rock Designs for more lovely paintings, art work and the like :) I just love ethnic art! AND its hair related to for my precious little Diva and her love for her hair.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Precious said...

These are so beautiful!!

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

These picture look really nice in the frames.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Precious and KeeKee now i just have to figure out where they are going to go LOL