Friday, June 3, 2011

Here is Part 3 to the Diva R's Most Recent Curlee Style :)

I did forget to post this version :) This was the 3rd switch up from her half cornrow style.

I decided to just leave the top half down over top of the back of her head still being cornrowed with the beads :), normally you see the top half beaded and the back half hanging but i wanted to experiment and am pleased with the results. This was a great style for the heat that we have been getting because the back of her head is usually her sweat zone so i try to keep hair off of her neck throughout the summer as much as possible.

Of course the top half washed washed and conditioned as normal and following that i used her Bee Mine Juicy Spritz as the moisturizer. I refreshed the cornrows with the distilled water and then the moisturizer, added a cute little lady bug clip that a good friend of mine made for Diva R... (Hi Heather <3)

I didn't do anything else special to her hair for this look :) The best thing about it was it protected the cornrows underneath when she slept so they stayed looking great for a while :)

Like i mentioned in the previous post, i got the flower beads from Curly Princess Hair Boutique and the regular pony beads from a beauty supply local :)

I did use the Mixed Chicks Leave In as the conditioner and that is the ONLY conditioner we have for Diva right now.

I like to leave the top part of her hair out alot because that is where her hair is the thinnest not to mention her baby hairs are scattered all over up there too and i don't like to manipulate it alot.

This switch up took about 10 minutes from beginning to end to complete :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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