Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twists N Loc's Natural Honey Locking Formula Review


Twist's N Loc's Natural Honey Locking Formula Gel 

Braids, Twists, Dreds, Locs and more. This NATURAL HONEY LOCKING FORMULA WITH HONEY AND ALOE VERA EXTRACTS helps maintain a longer lasting tighter hold with no buildup or flaking. It is specially formulated to lock any style into place


Pure Deionized Water, Vitamins A, D&E, Shea Butter honey and Aloe Vera Extracts, Hyrolyzed Protein, Triethanolamine, Oleth 20 and others

Our Review

Color: Yellow
Scent: Honey/gellish
Texture/Consistency: Gelly
Cost: Under $5.00

This product was bought back in November 2010 and upon recommendation from a local professional natural hair care stylist.  I had just fell in love with the results of this as it was being used on Diva R's hair and there after even it held so well and didn't appear gunky or like most gels we've used.  I was slightly intrigued by its appearance and at that time i knew nothing about ingredients and such of the harmful nature. 

SO i was using Jam at that time but quickly wanted to try this product and was going to search for it as i left the salon. She told me where she got it and it was a whole state away from where we live so i sure wasn't on that band wagon of traveling for one jar of product. So in the mean time i went to all local and called further out beauty supplies and NO ONE sold this! Surprise surprise and i also couldn't find this online what so ever. The kind that the salon pro had was the natural honey wax and i didn't know there would be a difference when i was searching but after i bought this it was clear the difference :(

I used this for quite some time and it was used solely for braiding, styling twisting and the like. I really loved the hold it seemed to work very well.  I used it until i found the blessed Bee Mine Curly Butter. 

Twist N Loc's has several different products and alot of them are for loc's and styles which require massive stick and hold.  I honestly could not and even through current times find any information on this product online and the company obviously revamped the line and changed the images and there are NO full ingredient lists anywhere. Of course i don't have this product any more so i cannot reflect up on it ingredient or description wise aside what i have provided above.

The consistency kind of wore on me after a while and i began to notice sticky gunk and some residue left around the rubber bands/hair pretties.  Upon looking at the gel it had little bead looking deposits of honey through out which looks like mold spores but clearly weren't. (Thankfully).  There wasn't really a smell to note aside from what you would expect from a honey gel... As i became knowledgeable is when i noticed the build up which i thought was just from the ponies or rubber bands.

I did use it on both her dry and damp hair and it seemed to work best on her dry hair. I got rid of this extra quick when i found nearly all of the ingredients were harmful and some highly concerning... Needless to say this was added to our bad list...

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Michelle G said...

I have yet to find a Lockin' or Twistin' gel/pudding that I really care for for a lot of the reasons you described above. The feeling of build up or seeing stuff around the ponies. I just stay away from them now.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Michelle- I do too because i have found that i dont really need them and the products i have now are just fine :)