Friday, July 29, 2011

Combinaton 4-1 Style with Natural Curls, Braids, Sidewinder's, Ponytails, Braid-out, and Cornrows

Quick, Easy and Lovely! Natural hair is incredibly versatile in styling and combination styles can be easily created and easily altered each day creating a different and still equally as cute if not cuter style.  I am one for showcasing Diva R's natural curls consistently. She loves wearing her hair down just as much as she does styled. I think my teachings and embracings have paid off already at her tender age of 4!

So my idea was to create a style which kept the top front portion of her hair free from hanging in her face, this is the area where she sweats heavily from and since its SO HUMID here i (for complaints from the Diva's sake) thought of re-creating an oldie but goodie of ours...

I began with the thought being "Hey" its been a while since i have used the Sidewinder's so i had to bring em back out! As these are just amazing and so much easier applying to the hair than beads.  I used some of our 2 inch Sidewinder's in my choice of coordinating colors.  

Part 1

Before i begin parting i spritzed Diva R's hair moderately with our trusty distilled water in our lovely pink bottle from scalp to tip. I lift her hair up as i spritz to guarantee an adequate coverage throughout.  I then misted her hair with our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz acting as our light moisturizer and finger detangled the few knots that she did have while also smoothing the moisturizer into the already in place distilled water for our wonderful moisturizing method.  

I chose our Darcy's Botanical's Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream as our styling/hold product. I applied this to her ends generously and then began parting. Its really a no brainer as to how i did this style BUT i will explain in case someone would desire i do so. 

I grabbed my trusty rat tail comb and parted ear to ear (just behind her ears) across the top of her head. Then i just split the top section of her hair in three sections, pony-tailed and singled braided each.

I ended each braid into one of the hair holders and a small pony bead. I opted out of the rubber bands for a little while to see how we like these orthodontic bands in place of them, and secured the bead on so the SW doesn't slide off (helped to provide a light ending weight on the hair holders). 

I <3 our Sidewinders, I'd say my favorite size is the 2 inch because of Diva R's thinner type hair i like to usually put a smaller amount of beads on her hair per strand to prevent extra weight hanging off of her hair. 

These are still better than beads currently for us and we have used them quite often since i bought her very first set ages ago :)!

This style took all of 20 min tops from start to finish. I topped it off with our Juicy Spritz and we were off.

Now for Part 2

I just love trying new things and just creating as i go, never really have a blue print just ideas. 

With a spritz of the distilled water moderately throughout her hair and a generous amount of Darcy's Botanical's Curl  Styling Cream as her moisturizer today. I freshened up the top section and did this because ponytail styles do not stay fresh longer than a night and become frizzie, so i added a little DB styling cream to the bases of the ponies then switched up the colors and hair holders to match her outfit for the 2nd day :)

I decided that i was going to do some cornrows and add some flair to them.

Here is a side and top view...

I split the back section of her hair down the middle and i parted my "outline" cornrows which i braided into some french braid type cornrows down the center's into 2 braids. I ended the two back braids into some simple pony-o's.  Topped it off with our JS and were styling in 40 minutes.

Part 3 (Day 3)

By today the cornrows were beginning to look fuzzy and she had some evident new growth coming in.  I lightly coated her hair with our distilled water spritz and then by hand i squeezed in some Lavish Curls moisturizer into the braids. I left the style as is on the back of her head since it was only two days old. I did switch up the top part, i wanted to let her braids down so her ends could breathe.

After letting the Lavish curls set in for a few minutes i then took down her braids and did this carefully and slowly so that i could keep the defined crimp.  I also switched up her accessories. The Lavish aided is making the crimps shiny. held together better and soft yet in cute little braid outs.  

I only took one picture because i forgot to initially and as i remembered i got one in and then Diva R just wasn't into any more camera time! She thinks its funny to make silly faces in pictures so if that's what it takes to get her to sit still for some pics so be it :)  

Part 4 (Day 4)

For today,  much like every day I spritzed our distilled water first thing and then i took the top pony tails down. Then i used our Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter to "slick" the hair into place, hold the frizzies down and provide a nice and defined hold to her free curls.  I pulled the two right sections into one pony tail on the side of her head and then pony tailed the remaining left section on the other side. I used green accessories in her hair today to match her green tank. 

This i would say is my winding down style from being styles for a few days in a row now and in a few days i will take it completely down.

Here is a back view and a side view.

I had just let her natural curlees hang, today from her ponies and about 20 minutes later we were out and off to a play date.

This was an easily versatile style which held through 4 days of cute and simple transitions.  I salute combination styles! There are never ending styles possible with combos!

I have a special Bee Mine discount code in case you would like to share the same blessed experiences that we have with our Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter which is our FAV Bee Mine product of all time or maybe even the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz which is a daily staple of ours too :)

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God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Diva Locks said...

Cute styles, I like them all :)

Kandy said...

Very nice! I love how you have changed the style.

NitaLee said...

Very CUte , Im Dying To Try the Sidewinders !

Dominique-Alexis said...

The sidewinders look so cute in her hair!

jianette said...

I just ordered my first set of sidewinders. Lord willing, I can make some cute styles with them! yay!