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Soft Sheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Kids Beautiful Beginnings Softening Oil Moisturizer

Soft Sheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Kids Beautiful Beginnings Softening Oil Moisturizer

Product Description
Perfect performance technology contains a blend of coconut oil and milk thistle and leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy-looking every time! Provides long-lasting manageability and relieves tender headed-ness. For relaxed or natural hair it provides ll-day softness and sheen.


Aqua (Water) , Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil) , Petrolatum , Polysorbate-20 , Cetearyl Alcohol , Dimethicone , Polyquaternium-37 , Lanolin , Dicetyldimonium Chloride , Propylene Glycol , Dicaprylate , Dicaprate , Fragrance , Methylparaben , Lanolin Alcohol , PPG-1-Trideceth-6 , Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil) , Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride , Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice) , Tocopheryl Acetate , Panthenol , Silybum Marianum Ethyl Ester , CI 17200 (Red 33) , Behentrimonium Methosulfate , Propylene Glycol

Massage into hair and scalp. Comb or brush through hair. Style as desired.

Our Review

Color: White
Scent: Highly fragranced with some kind of boisterous scent
Texture/Consistency: Like a lotion with oil in it
Cost: Under $5.00

(I will begin by saying that all of these product reviews which do not have pictures linked in them are products which were some of our very first products or products that i just didn't take pictures with the results.)

I got this one from a local beauty supply for Diva R for Christmas before i had found Bee Mine.  I bought this one because the "for kids" propaganda listed on the bottle.  I had bad experiences with hair lotions and such like that prior to getting this one but i thought this one was different because it portrayed itself like a hair milk versus lotion.  This was the first "hair milk" that we had tried and for the cost and the fact that it was "kid friendly" it loured me in.

I was also intrigued by its claim of relieving tender head-ness. Diva R has always had a sensitive scalp and ive had to learn from square 1 that i have to be SUPER light handed beyond what i thought as possible it was like walking on egg shells as i was learning.  So i of course tried this in multiple ways to try and find its best performance and when i applied it to her freshly washed hair the scent of it was kind of weird and potent, clearly it was a rather off type of attempt to make it "smell good".  As i applied, it went on very smoothly but as her hair dried it wasn't any more manageable or moisturizing than a rinse out conditioner. It is a light weight product and has a light creamy lotion texture. Diva R's hair the following day after using this at night was all knotty, tangled and a dry mess, on several occasions and we were already using satin pillow cases which have always helped us maintain styles and keep her hair from having all that friction during sleep which is unhealthy on the hair and could lead to damage :(

So i thought to give it a try with different approaches, instead of putting it on when her hair was wet i would let her hair air dry slightly and then i would apply it, finger combing it in.  I could feel the oil in this moisturizer on my hands and fingers as i was applying it. It did require just a smidge more on her damp hair versus wet but seemed to absorb slightly better. Overall with those two tests i would say that this is the better of the hair lotions that we have used but i don't consider it a good hair milk since we have tried some since this one.  

On her dry hair, it was real greasy looking on her dry hair and it was kind of heavy feeling which was also weird. It also had a slight greasiness to it too when i used it on her freshly washed hair and checked it out the next day after sleeping on it.  I would say that this is more of an oil lotion type product than moisturizer, i just didn't see the moisturizing element in it. The scent wasn't the best and the texture left a sticky/slimy residue on my hands too :( I did notice build up around her ponies which collected lint nicely...

Needless to say i do not like this product it didn't meet our satisfaction and it was discontinued use of several months ago. I really think couldn't say whether i believe it would or if it would not work on different hair types and textures. I feel that lotion is all greasy in particular unless its maybe an organic or home made type which doesn't contain any of those mineral oils by the dozens, parabens, and such of the chemical filled nature which are considered hazardous to our health according to Ewg Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

So for us we use butters, cream moisturizers, spritz moisturizers and leave in's, as well as styling creams which are ALL organic/natural and Diva R's hair just flurishes from using them :)


Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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