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Cocoa Curlz Sweetheart Hydration 'Poo & Cutie Pie Conditioner

These are two of the three reviewed products that we received in our Cocoa Curlz Cutie Kit The Moisturizing Hair Milk is reviewed here

Cocoa Curlz Sweetheart Hydration 'Poo & Cutie Pie Conditioner 2oz

Cocoa Curlz Sweetheart Hydration 'Poo

Product Description
Sweetheart Hydration Shampoo is SLS, Paraben and Gluten-free. This formula cleanses and moisturizes from roots to tip without build up and stripping away of natural oils from your scalp. Perfect for any hair type.
Water, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, DL Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-7, Rosemary Extract, Citric Acid, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocate.

Our Review

Color: Goldish/Cloudy Yellow
Texture/Consistency: Thicker
Cost: $10.00 per 8oz

I decided to begin with Little Bro Z, I tried out the Hydration 'Poo on him consistently for over a week and it was perfect timing when the CC arrived because we had needed a new shampoo for him. Upon my initial pump of the bottle i really liked the thick texture and the candy-ness! Since Little Bro Z has thin hair and just a few inches of it all around, a little longer on the top, i don't have to use much product ever to lather his handsome blonde haired self Hes his Mommy's Boy <3 

I used about 1 1/2 squirts and lathering away i was and it was a warming thought to recollect that the sudz created during lathering aren't from sulfates!

So of course he hair dries super fast! Seriously within minutes his hair is dried and is vibrant and shiny. 

 My Lil man! Love the peeking picture. He doesn't like to sit still for even a second for me to brush his hair.  I use our Tangle Teezer to brush his hair a total of 6 times after he bathes and its just as straight as a board and blonde with a hint of red as it can be!

Note the shine present afterwards! This was only using the shampoo followed by no conditioner because his hair is silky soft and we don't normally use conditioners on him.

Here is an up close of his hair, i could smell a real tiny hint of the candy scent hours after bath :) I loved the texture of the Hydration Poo especially how easy it was to apply , it did have a nice safe lather and it had the kind of texture that is just great for deep shampooing.
I could feel the moisture content present.

I have continued to use this on Little Bro Z for sure and another great point to note is that it didn't burn nor sting his eyes! It rinsed out nicely, not to quick and not to sluggish making it a great and speedy rinsing for Mr.Z because he is partial to his bath time play <3  Read on for the review on Little Bro Z with the Cutie Pie Conditioner...

Diva R's take on the Cocoa Curlz Hydration 'Poo

She was super geeked about these because i told her that they also smelled like candy such as the hair milk and she was digging that! I loved the shampoo in her hair it had the nice coating thickness that i usually like for her shampoo wise.  Three pumps of the shampoo seemed to work generously for her hair.  The smoothness was nice  and there was no extreme bubble over load in her hair but it did lather nicely with great coverage. I am very pleased with how her hair didn't feel like a freshly waxed car being all squeezy clean because generally when that feeling is present something is stripping within the product.

Here is a pic of Diva R's hair freshly washed with the 'Hydration 'Poo...

Just the shampoo alone was healthily working on Diva R's thirsty curls and after i rinsed the Poo out i couldn't even tell that i just used shampoo solely i would have bet that a conditioner was in too!

This is a great shampoo and it has turned out well on both kids! Yet another conquering moment of a product being able to be used and have great results stem from a few sides of the coin in terms of hair texture/type's being completely different. Read on for the pictures of the finished result using BOTH the shampoo and conditioner...

Coco Curlz Cutie Pie Conditioner 2oz

Product Description
Cutie Pie Conditioner is Paraben, SLS and Gluten-free. This conditioner is perfect for any hair type. Wonderful for everyday use after shampooing if needed, or strictly for co-washes. Cover your tresses from roots to tip using this natural and gentle formula to help protect from breakage or dryness.
Water, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Ivy Extract, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Rosemary.

Our Review

Color: White
Texture/Consistency: Creamy soft cloud
Cost: $10.00 per 8oz

Here is what the texture looks like (pictured below is 5 squirts of the conditioner)

It is of a creamy nature it almost feels like a leave in but has a tad bit thicker of a consistency making it a good mixture in between a rinse out/leave in. I only used this as a rinse out because we don't really co-wash and Diva R's hair doesn't need co washing in particular if anything i will rinse her hair with water in the tub in midst of style time.

Right away i could tell that the texture of the conditioner was of a near fluffy yet solidified creaminess. This product our of all three of the Cutie Kit had the most candylicious scent! I was finger combing it into her hair and it really acted as even a nice detangler! The moisture was nice and her curls really lavished this conditioner. They felt like i had applied a moisturizer. It was a nice compliment to the Hydration Poo also.

Here is Diva R's results from using the Hydration 'Poo and Cutie Pie Conditioner...

They speak for themselves, her CURLS i mean! Its clear when her curls eat up a certain product because it will shrink with spunk almost instantaneously such as in the above picture.  Below is a glimpse of a few random curls which i grabbed to show the spunkiness.

I love the dual action the shamp and conditioner provided! They worked great together and gave Diva R's hair that boost and at the same time her curls remained soft, bouncy and full of LOVE.  I was really surprised when her curls remained tangle-less!

Little Bro Z's Take on the Cutie Pie Conditioner

I thought why not try a conditioner on Little Bro Z since we never really thought about it nor needed to we really haven't but a few times in the past. So I washed his hair with the Hydration Poo prior too and only needed about 1 squirt to cover his whole little noggin.

His magic hair drying time of just minutes later... and ...

His lovely results from the shamp and conditioner combo... Note the shine? That means something is going on right! His hair doesn't ever not up so brushing was a cinch and off he was to play. I had to chase him around to even get the above pics to come out half way decent LOL

Id say that the price of the conditioner is very fair priced considering the quality also and it is cheaper than some of the others Ive come across.

I am very pleased with the Conditioner, it will stay in our rinse out regime because we were also needing a good rinse out and now we've found one :)

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Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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