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Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner

Product Description

"I Say You Can Never Get Too Much of A Good Thing. So Say Hello to A Deep Dousing of Lush Hydration With My Rich Formula Fused With Orchid & Coconut Milk. Drink Up and Replenish Your Hair's Much Needed Moisture. It's Time to Be Reunited With Manageable, Silky, Smooth Hair.I'm Deliciously Hydrating. Give Your Hair A Drink."

Water; Stearyl Alcohol; Cetyl Alcohol; Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine; Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract; Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract (Coconut); Glutamic Acid; Fragrance; Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone; Benzyl Alcohol; EDTA; Propylene Glycol; Methylchloroisothiazolinone; Methylisothiazolinone; Citric Acid; Blue 1


Massage me in, soak for as long as you like, then rinse.

Our Review

Color: Light blue
Scent: Coconutty/floral freshness
Texture/Consistency: Light weight/Medium thickness
Cost: Under $5.00 per 12oz

I bought this after i seen several commercials for it :) I then began browsing YouTube and such for videos or reviews in it with results and found tons!!! This product was obviously crazed at one point. I went right to my local drug store with a $1.00 off coupon and got this conditioner for under $2.50! I was surprised at this because usually the raved about products are very expensive or home made.  I myself use to have the Herbal Essences on deck for myself , i used it consistently for over a year and i went between different formulas every time they came out. I just loved the results from the  HE line. There wasn't one i didn't like.


So right away we began using this on Diva R after we shampooed her hair every other night or two. We used it as a rinse out per the manufacture recommendations.  The scent was lovely! Both me and the Diva loved it.  The texture was a fine mixture in between a medium consistency conditioner and a thicker consistency conditioner and it had a slight blue tint to it.  The texture was light and i used a quarter size or a little bigger amount each time i conditioned Diva R's hair and it coated her whole head root to tip generously. I would leave it in for up to five minutes while she plays in the bath. Then i would rinse it out and blot dry her hair and let it air dry the rest of the way after i apply her moisturizer. 

I really liked the feel of the conditioner as i was applying it. It had the right amount of slip, went in smoothly and the soft coconutty smoothie scent stayed peacefully.  I liked the soft feel that it gave her hair afterwards. It would air dry beautifully bouncing with health and luster.  It gave her ringlets a nice definition and it lasted !!! I didn't use a daily moisturizer at that time when i was using this HH conditioner and i really didn't need to either. I could feel the moisturizer in the conditioner and it did more than just condition her hair :) I love the "Hello" element of this conditioner because when i use it on Diva i really do get that Hello effect!!! It also didn't sting her eyes! This isn't a kid friendly formulated product specifically but it doesn't bother her the least bit on any of the frequent occasions where she opens her eyes dung mid rinse... *_*

We used this until it ran out :) I would buy this again! It is also one of the best few locally available conditioners that we could buy off the shelf for under $4.00 regularly priced! I also used this conditioner on my own hair and it had the exact same lavishing effect on my hair!!! My hair is type" straight as a board" with a hint of wave to it and DRY. This conditioner went in smoothly in my hair and didn't require much at all to cover my tresses. I am the scrunch my hair an go type of momma on the constant go and by this being my mostly chosen method of styling for myself i am able to note that the conditioner did a wonderful job of moisturizing my dry thirsty hair along side keeping a great maintenance on frizzies and my hair poofing out into waves by the end of the day.  I liked how the scrunch and go style kept up and stayed defined.  I also blow dry my hair on occasion :/ I have not and will not do this to Diva R though...

After i blow dry with using this rinse out conditioner prior too, my hair is so soft and i dont even have to use my straightener to flatten out my dryer ends, my hair just lays nice straight and silky. I love the silky effect that i get using HH, i can blow dry it and it feels like my ends/mids are protected and no frizzies either :) YAY...

Needless to say i really enjoyed this conditioner and Diva R's hair did as well. Ive read many great reviews on this conditioner on all textures of hair. This is one of the few multi-texture hair conditioner's that really works great on all textures no mater the difference.  Of course its not 100% organic or natural but it is overall a worthy product that has proven great results :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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