Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day from LYGBC! + Freestyle Star Style

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Hope everyone had a safe and blessed holiday spent with the fam! We sure did! I am very big on tradition and since i was a baby we had a tradition of watching the fireworks at my moms after we had a huge cookout, our own fireworks displays, good food, games and non stop fun. This we still carry on 24 years later and now our kids get to enjoy it also...

So I did a two part style for today since today was also National Afro Day i had to show support by Diva R proudly wearing her lovely fluff-fro! She definitely enjoyed this as well as the picture shoot that i took LOL her posing says it all...

YAY for National Afro Day!!!

So then after that style was proudly shown off for a while i did our independence day style which i make sure is also patriotic VERY patriotic every year...So this yea i just freestyled an idea after looking at all of my blogging momma friends hair styles on their gorgeous little Divas.

I knew i wanted to add some stars in the mix as well as red white and blue accessories so i just let my creativity run wild... Her hair was washed and conditioned along with very intensely moisturized the night before. I then spritzed her hair until damp today and added more of our lovely moisturizer and THEN i switched it up form our usual hold product to this NEW product that we have been blessed with which is Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream which will be reviewed shortly :) I used it as the product that i braided with.

Here are the results...

I finished off the style with our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz for our all day moisturizer which never fails us!
I must give credit to Danielle from Curly Hair is Beautiful for the original style that she did on her daughter C, as Diva R's style looks closest to hers :) Check it out here

Of course i always add our own flare to any style i see/reinvent and Diva R really wanted to festive matching beads so of course i added clips and beads accordingly in no specific pattern throughout... I added the Bantu Knots to the bases of the stars and secured them with coordinating pony-o's. I created the 3 stars with my rat tail comb, i do this like i am drawing a star on paper but i do half the star first and the other half second after i have straightened out the first half of the star that i combed out, this helps to make the star neater and it takes less time to do. 

Here are the side views :) Diva R LOVED this look and so did EVERYONE else that we came across! It was a great success and was fairly easy, taking only 2 hours due on an antsy Diva!

The back i wasn't really sure what to do with and i wanted the stars to be defined so i just sectioned random parts and cornrowed them downward and jazzed them up with beads and clips to secure them.

Below is a close up of the Bantu Knot for those who are unsure what they are and how they look up close. These honestly sound more elegant and confusing than they are. Its just a braid wrapped around itself! Which could be also a twist or just the hair wrapped around if desired. We went with the braid for the desired look too coordinate.

This style went with this gorgeous outfit!!!!

Hope you enjoyed our style in celebration of this blessed Independence Day!!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


curlyhairisbeautiful.blogspot.com said...

Aww, Im so happy to have inspired you! :) You did a great job, I love it!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Danielle! Thanks to your inspiring style on C :)