Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We are Featured!!!!!!

Hey Fam! Please stop on by Natural-Hair-Info website and leave us some love! Dominique-Alexis has kindly asked to featured us and we couldn't resist! Our feature turned out lovely and as an incentive if you stop on by and check it out you get two sneak peeks of pictures i have not posted before!!!! One is OLD (hint: Unseen pic of baby/toddler Diva R) and one is a NEW :)

When we are asked to be featured i always custom make each feature posting because i like variety and who likes to see the same things being said and shown over and over again? Not us :) Not to mention it seems like things change in our household quite often anyways!

So PLEASE stop by Dominique-Alexis website and show us some <3!!!!!

P.s. We LOVE being featured so if YOU would like to feature us on your blog/website please email me loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls@yahoo.com. We also LOVE to feature as well, we are very open as to who we feature and the spotlight doesn't have to be hair related. Adults and children are always welcome here of all shades, textures, and sizes :)

God Bless all and have a blessed week!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Awww, baby Diva R was too cute!

Michelle G said...

Diva looked cute in all the pics and you gave some good advice.

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Isn't being Featured Fun! Nice post & cute pictures.