Monday, August 1, 2011

Darcy's Botanical's Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme

                         Natural Hair Butter Creme

Product Description

"Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme is a luscious blend of all natural oils that will provide healthy conditioning, add sheen, softness & moisture to your naturally curly hair.

Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme is an all natural hair butter for moisturizing, styling and conditioning your natural coils.

It absorbs instantly into hair to replenish much needed moisture, provides softness, sheen & promotes healthy hair growth.

This highly moisturizing butter is very thick & concentrated so a little goes a long way. It is perfect for type 3-4 naturals:)

It has a very thick concentrated butter-like consistency with the sweet smell of gently African Madagascar Vanilla!

Use it as a hair moisturizer to naturally condition dry curls, locs & waves.
Use as a styling butter for twists, braids, afros, and locs.
Use to promote healthy hair growth

Many  customers also use it as a body butter!!! Works great as a multi-purpose hair & body butter:)"

8 oz. PET jar

100% Natural
100 Vegan

Organic Palm Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Candelilla Wax, Organic Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and Potassium Sorbate.

Our Review

Color: Off white with a yellow hint
Scent: Vanilla
Texture/Consistency: Looks like frosting and feels like a creamy whipped desert
Cost: $12.00 per 8oz

I must thank Darcy's Botanical's for this blessed product to review! I already had in mind that i was going to begin using this while braiding and styling since it is styling creme. Upon opening this i immediately could identify the vanilla scent and the texture looks like it has a shine to it and an almost glowing appearance. 

The texture feels as if it is suitable for styling and good as a sealer but not as sole moisturizer, because I'm so a texture person and i like her hair to have a defined weightless moisturized wet look when down or in its dry yet fluffy state and cremes don't usually pull it off for her :). BUT i must say i fell in LOVE with how this products acts alone in her hair as it is down in its full and luscious form! I have never found such a great product that i can say keeps her hair in great ringlet form ALL DAY and her curls are so majorly defined as well!!! GEEKED!

 Not that it would be a bad product to do that with but simply because i feel that products are recommended for certain specific uses by the product manufacturer so that it is used properly resulting in utmost benefits being reaped.  It has a hold to it which is light and creamy, not sticky at all yet it also absorbs into the hair nicely as well and it spreads easily.
So i used our regular shamp and leave in beforehand and then i applied the styling creme as i went parting the shapes and sections with the assisting of our distilled water bottle.  I only had to use a few finger scoops of the styling creme for her whole head :) I think the cost is reasonable as well because this product doesn't require much per interval and i estimate that it will last several months of frequent use. probably even longer for us because it is our preferences for braids and twists and such.

See below...

This is a good fly away defeater also! Diva R has some serious new grow at all times as well as fly aways all over her head. I only had to apply it once and we spent the whole day at the beach on this day pictured above and it lasted all day and also held the faint vanilla scent too which was nice. I like this as a sealer product :) I feel it is a decent conditioner too.

By looking at the tub of styling creme i thought it was going to have a solid textured sort of like shea butter but its looks don't give the texture justice! I like it alot on Diva R's hair type it does what it claims to and we will keep it around!

I first seen this product at our Hair-Date Party a little while back and my friend Mommy A liked it alot and recommended it to us and I'm glad we received it because its a goodie in our collection now and i used it nearly every time i cornrow!! :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Anonymous said...

So glad you love this product as much as I do! I swear by Darcy's Botanicals and love this styling creme for just about any styling.

Precious said...

Sounds great! Diva's hair looks great in the pics!

Taci said...

Love Diva girl's hair in the pics!

Lora said...

Her hair looks adorable!

Rae @ Tweeny Hair said...

This stuff gives Syd the best braid outs ever. I can't remember the last time my house was out of it. And Diva R's hair looks great, as always. :)

NitaLee said...

I Wanna Win the Giveaway So Bad So I Can Try This. Is This In Available In Stores or only Online ?

Michelle G said...

Diva R's hair looks so nice. I really want to get some DB soo bad. Love the style.

LYGBC said...

Thank you everyone!!!! Ive only seen Darcys online but it may be available in other states I'm not really sure.