Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Original Moxie Just Gel Styling Concentrate

Ever find your self searching beyond feasible lengths to find the PERFECT gel that is natural, non sticky and affordable? Well i know i have and it seems that most shelved gels have that yucky alcohol, formaldehyde, petroleum, and many more less desirable and harmful ingredients. Those bad ingredients also like to leave a sticky feel behind or a gunky mess. 

So i was up to the challenge as i came across Original Moxie. I came across this product line while i was at Naturally Flyy and the first thing i noticed was that this company is Michigan Based! This was a plus because i always feel its a must to show some love to companies from my home state.
There was a whole table full of many appealing products! I just started picking them up one by one and reading the bottles. My focus was to find a gel so i pretty much stayed on that train of thought as i was shopping. I noticed that all of the products were completely organic/natural and didn't even use any of the popular disguisable fillers or preservatives!

So i had to choose between the Oasis Moisture Gel and the Just Gel. I wasn't looking for a moisturizing gel because those have less of a hold generally and more of a moisture to them.

Just Gel it was. I am always a sample buyer because i have big time issues with buying full size products unless i know how they are going to work for us. Especially when they are expensive. I decided to wait and order the sample from the website as Rachel didn't have any samples for sale with her at the time.

I received the sample in this cutesy wrapped packaging about a week or so after ordering.

Just Gel™ Styling Concentrate

My initial thought was WOW this is much smaller than i thought it would be... I immediately noticed the consistency too which i was really curious about. The jar reminded me of a Gerber baby food jar :)

I was intrigued by the little card that was included! It was detailed so greatly with its claim, instructions and ingredients!

At this point i was VERY eager to try this and i couldn't wait! Of course my first thought was hmm lets see how this does during cornrowing and lets see how it will perform on all variances of Diva R's hair.

Product Description

Despite its name, this product is so much more than a simple gel.  Though not fussed up with a lot of extra ingredients, this alcohol-free gel is derived from flax seeds, infused with a high concentration of botanical extracts and fortified with Panthenol & Silk to deliver strong, touchable hold without the Dried-Out-Crunchies.

Alcohol-free styling gel.
Those with medium to thick hair with just about any degree of curl who want definition and frizz control.
Put your hands together for the one, the only, the amazing Flax Seed!  This little miracle of nature is derived simply by boiling the dried seeds of the Flax plant.  The gooey extract that is released contains many of the seed's natural proteins, minerals, amino acids and omega fatty acids, while providing strong hold for any style. 
Incredibly fruity and slightly floral.
Work through wet hair after all other styling products have been applied. Use more for extra control and less for softer styles. Style as usual.
Got too much of a good thing? Break up excess hold with a small amount of Hair Bling™ applied to dry hair.
This our most universal product in its appeal to a variety of hair types.  It doesn't matter if you're male or female, black or white - chances are, you will find a use for this product.  Some clients combine it with Lux Locks™ for flawless, frizz-free twists, and others who use it as a stand-alone to give control and lift to straight hair.
Flax Seed Extract; Distilled Water; Aqueous Extracts of Amla, Bhringraj, Comfrey, Irish Moss, Ginger, Horsetail, Neem, St. John’s Wort, &Yucca; Organic Aloe Vera; Castor Oil; Potassium Sorbate; Polyquaternium-10; Acacia Gum; Sorbitol; dL-Panthenol; Sodium PCA; HE-Cellulose; Honey; Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (Paraben & Formeldahyde-Free Preservative); Vitamin E; Citric Acid; Silk Amino Acids; Essential Oils of Jasmine, Litsea Cubeba, Sandalwood (3% Dilution); Sweet Orange, Tangerine, & Ylang Ylang.

Our Review

Color: Beige/Faded yellow

Scent: Orangey botanical fragranced

Texture/Consistency: Liquidy with a light feel
Cost: $3.00 per 1oz and $21.00 per 8oz (Shipping was 5.10 for just the sample)

My first bit of amazement was with the fragrance! I couldn't quite pin point it but i could definitely smell an orangey-botanical burst of YUM upon first smell! I was enlightened by the fresh and great pure smell which is also very light in nature and not pungent. 

Next the liquidy consistency was sort of interesting, until this product i have not seen a liquidy gel so lots of thoughts were going through my mind.  This gel isn't liquidy such as water it is more like thickened water (for lack of a better example). If i tipped this over it would spill easily.

Here is an idea of the texture to the best degree i could capture it...

I was unsure about the texture still, wondering if it would really hold for a few days.  

I moved on to experimenting on Diva R's dry hair. I must say that i could immediately notice a difference in feel as i applied it to her dry hair it seemed to work more like a thick gel and it held much better.  It is my FAV on her dry and damp hair. The texture is not like a gel at all,  and it would be just that much better if it was more solid :)  The cost is a little steep too from my budgets stand point but the way i look at things are you get what you pay for most of the time anyways.

I WILL be trying more Original Moxie soon!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


™Epic Realist said...

This looks fun to use! I was looking for an all natural gel for me and my daughter.

camilledrayton said...

Hmmmmmmm, looks a bit like baby food as well! With the price in mind i would much rather make my own..either flax seed or aloe vera!

Michelle G said...

I would be interested in trying this but the shipping cost alone makes me cringe. I would definitely have to justify spending that much when I don't know how it would perform in Des' hair.