Friday, August 19, 2011

Swim Cap Review and Recap of Some Summer Fun!

To buy a swim cap or not?

I found myself not even thinking several months ago about buying a swim cap for Diva R. This idea had only popped into my head at the beginning of this summer. This is probably because 2 summers ago Diva R's hair was above her shoulders and didn't require any need for being covered or pulled up. As far as last years summer is concerned i just styled her hair to where it was in some sort of protective pony tailed or head banded updo and off we went. I never did the sun block in the hair thing because i just couldn't bring myself to over come my thoughts of sunblock and its greasy texture going into her hair let alone it running down into her eyes as she got her hair wet.

This passed summer i had seen many posts come across my Face Book page about swim caps and i fell curious and had to see what the hype was about.  While i was at Walmart i had stumbled upon an end cap of swim caps made by Ocean Pacific.

The above cap pictured is the only kind and type that the local Walmart sold. SO since this cap was under two dollars AND they had PINK which is Diva R's favorite color, without hesitation i threw it in the cart! If it didn't work out it wasn't a big burden on us anyways. Diva R was curious and wanted to try it out ASAP, at the BEACH she says. *)*

So off to the beach we went...

Before i applied the cap i spritzed her hair with distilled water generously but not to the point of making it drip wet. I Then applied our light natural moisturizer which is the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz. Lastly i rolled her hair into a high bun and pony tailed it off. 

Our Review

Color: Pink
Texture: Smooth and has a soft rubber texture
Cost: Under $2.00

The material of this cap after i opened it didn't feel like i expected it to. I expected the traditional hard to stretch rubber kind that fits really only one size head or smaller while under the label of being "one size fits all or most". This cap was deemed as being a child and adult size cap. There wasn't any descriptive information on the packaging at all nor could i find anything else about this cap online. I was then VERY surprised...
The cap stretched very easily across her head and was of a soft rubber like material. It didn't have the extreme pull like a 100% rubber cap would have. It sure did have the needed grip to it as i stretched it and softly put it over her hair. It stayed in place and fit nice and snug. Not too snug and it sure wasn't loose. Diva R i felt has a nice amount of hair to be successfully kept under a cap. Since it is so thin there is no battle with the cap at all.  

Diva R has wore this cap in our own pool, the beach, and spray parks. My first concern was i wonder if this cap would stay on with her going under water? So at the beach and the pool at home this hypothesis was put to test.  To my amazement the cap didn't budge! It stayed in the place that i put it exactly placed.  I would take her cap off and her hair would be completely un water logged and not touched by water!

I wondered if water being sprayed at or poured on could alter the swim caps position. So at the spray parks the cap also stayed put through random sprays, pours and the water slide. Ive read some reviews that the cap has actually come off or not been able to hold  lots of hair. Burt for us this cap proved to be well worth the investment and is a definite addition to our sun care hair regime. I feel that the importance of the swim cap is beyond thought now. This has been crucially important to us since this passed summer, on the extreme hot days we get this really helps me to be able to create a moisture barrier to where i am able to maintain Diva Rs moisture in her hair as the super hot sun beats down so fiercely and when the chlorine comes near or the beach water i was able to keep those harsh elements out of her hair!.  

Here is the Diva and her BF Diva S doing what they love to do most at the beach!!


The texture of the cap turned out to get a two thumbs up from us. Its not harsh and does not hurt the head or damage the hair at all. The cap fit Diva R's large head very well, the cap stuck true to its claim and it is a pass in our book overall <3

Here are some random shots of things that we did this summer!

Hope everyone had an equally as blessed summer :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Elizabeth@Different Kinds of Curls said...

What great pics! Looks like you all had a great summer. I have never tried a swim cap on any of my girls, I think I have been afraid to because of how much of a hard time I used to have with them when I was in school (back in the day..ugh) So you say the texture of the cap is not gross and ew? And it does not take the muscles of a body builder to get the thing on your head? And it cost you less than $2? I am sold. Ally is going to try out for te swim team come November, so we are going to have to head over to Walmart and check these out! Thanks for the review, I feel like I know everything I need to know about the cap now. :)

Michelle G said...

I have never used a swim cap before cause Des loves to feel the water in her hair. I must admit though it does keep us out of the pool sometimes cause I would have just styled her hair. Hmmm, something to think about. Thanks for sharing looks like you all had a very active summer.