Monday, August 1, 2011

Darcy's Botanicals Cherry Kernel Nectar Hair & Body Oil

Darcy's Botanical's Cherry Kernel Nectar Hair and Body Oil

Product Description
"This light, cold pressed emollient oil absorbs easily into hair and skin.

It contains natural antioxidants along with vitamins A and E. It feels wonderful on skin.

Cherry Kernel Oil also contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid called eleostearic, which helps to protect hair and skin from the sun.

Can be used as a light moisturizing oil for hair, body, and face:)

Scented with the sweet succulent fragrance of black cherries.

4 oz. PET bottle with disc cap."


Pure Cherry Kernel Oil and Fragrance.

Our Review

Color: Transparent yellow
Scent: Cherry Cherry Cherry
Texture/Consistency: Liquid/Oil
Cost: $12.00 per 4oz spray

I have to announce that this is the very first ever fruit oil/natural oil that i have ever used on Diva R and this is in part to her allergies to most of the natural oils recommended for hair such as the almond oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, grapeseed and the like because of its nut ingredient within the oil. 

I have desired a light fruit oil that i can apply over top a moisturizer to act as a sealant, shine agent, and a beneficial protective natural oil that will aide in growth and health overall.

Ive found through my trying different ways to use it that i like it on damp hair the most and i find that it looks great on her naturally flowing hair, pony tails, finger curls and in styles which her curls are out :) It was ok on her dry hair and it took more to cover it as well.

I have never felt or experimented with other oils so i cant compare within my experiences with oils as of yet. BUT i do like the scent of this hair/body oil it is nice and cherry and reminds me of cherry koolaid with a naturalness bursting out. It is very cherry and the Diva noticed the scent right away and she approved it!

Here are the results of when i sprayed it on her curlee's hanging from her pony tail...

I'm happy with the definition achieved also! her curls stayed moisture retaining for multiple hours of being in and it is not a runny type oil which just dissolves and goes away it stays and i believe it really helps me keep in some of her natural oils when i am shampooing her hair or when she is swimming or even outside in the blistering heat for periods. I am very pleased with this oil and we use it every other day or two :)

It takes only a tiny tiny amount to really create a good amount of shine and cover a decent area on Diva R's hair. I would say that this would probably provide excellent results in the coarser hair types just as well as the finer hair types whether it is curly. kinky or lusciously 4a/b hair with no curl to fine and straight hair and big or small curls, thick and thin.

As a skin oil this is very nice as well and i think i like it more on me because my skin is beyond dry and it seems like I'm always sunburned when its summertime LOL! I think it is great on Diva R's elbow and knee areas after i put a good moisturizing lotion on her. I found that the naturalness of this oil doesn't make it seem like a slimy grease on the skin when applied like the Johnson's baby oil does its more of like a super light skin oil and it leaves a nice light shine and you cant really tell its an oil after applied it just sinks right in while leaving a soft sheen.

The cost isn't too bad in my opinion for this either because i seriously only use 3-6 squirts per application for Diva R's hair and 2-3 squirts for our skin.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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Anonymous said...

Now that I know it smells like Cherry Koolaid I have to try this! lol How often do you use it? R's hair looks great and I love that flower!