Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sidewinders, Pony Tails and a Braid...+ SHOUT OUTS!

Today i decided at the last minute to do her hair for the Auto Show SOOO with only an hour in hand to do her hair i came up with something freestlyish and quick. I was going to do a veil style going up but wanted to use the Sidewinder Hairholders and because Diva R's hair is slightly on the shorter side with her springy curls :) 

I applied her Bee Mine Dejas Hair Milk from root to tips, then generously finger combed some Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer on the last 6 inches of her hair and went with 4 pulled back parted pony tails with matching ponies webbed out into a webbed pattern using brown and clear Sidewinders intertwined flowing down into one medium sized braid. I left some hair free flowing and just added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter to liven up her curls and give slight hold :)

The pictures aren't the best of quality, at the time i discovered at the last second also that my camera wasn't charged! So i had to resort to the Blackberry....

(notice the little "baby hair" Diva has on the front of her hairline! She has always had these and they don't seem like they want to grow out...These make most styles difficult due to the length.) 

But they give her such a beautiful face frame at the same time *_*.

Just a simple elegant looking style in an hours time... This was the first time we used the Sidewinders so i don't have the hang of them yet. A little tricky but there are instructional videos to learn how to put the sidewinders in on their website.

Post style update: This style of course has to be taken down in the morning because it is totally not the type of style that can be maintained :)

Last but not least i have to give an EXCITED humbling SHOUT OUT to my 3 followers!!!!!

KandyLandKurls- Thank you for all of your help along the way, for your kindness, and insight, i appreciate your acquaintance greatly. Your daughter is beautiful and your creativity is remarkable. Kudos to such a successful blog and Cheer's to your accomplishments :)

Amanda from Curly Princess Hair Boutique- Thank you for inspiring me in the hair world to go out and create my blog full force :) I am overly grateful for being a part of your giveaway and winning the beads (that Diva JUST LOVES!) We enjoy being a part of your hair share on FB and talking with you is always a pleasure. Your boutique is amazing we LOVE everything we've got from you :) Your a creative hair mom and your deserve KUDO'S also :)

TaylorHanford- Thank you for becoming a follower of our natural hair blog :) I haven't got the pleasure of talking with you yet but i know that your also a rocking fellow hair mom with a beautiful hair diva :) Looking forward to meeting your acquaintance :) Thanks again for jumping on our hair adventure :)

I am thinking that when i get 100 followers i will do a giveaway :) any suggestions??


Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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Kandy said...

You are so very welcome! Your daughter is so cute and your styles are very creative, I LOVE the yarn rows! and Im happy to see that your blog is looking good! Thanks for the shoutouts, you are totally awesome!!