Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4th of July Hairstyles for girls

 This is a Hair-spiration post. I meant to post this last year but i had just made it to posting these styles on our FB page and so without further a due here are three 4th of July hairstyles for girls that are super cute, festive and great for all ages that i did this past year on the Diva.  I didn't feel directions were needed as the styles are pretty much self explanatory and like most of the time these i created off the top of my head (not saying that someone hasn't thought of them before me, i just didn't see them anywhere else)...  I used a variety of products to create these styles and we are still on our all natural kick so that realm of products are all that we use. Last year i had done a cute 4th of July hair style too and you can click here to reflect upon it....


                            (This was the HUGE hit of the 4th of July styles this year <3 span="">

 These are some of the many wonderful bows we were blessed with by our lovely sponsor Cute N Curly Bowtique <3 span="">

Happy Styling! God Bless...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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